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    As a concerned parent, i would like to bring up this issue of dress code in schools. My daughter refuses to wear her yonju with her dress citing that most of the lady teachers in the school do not wear it.It was confirmed during the recent result declaration day when i could see majority of them in just tegos.
    Students wear full kira as mandated by our culture but when teachers who are looked upon as role models do not dress up, it sets a precedent for our younger children.Even if teachers are dressed in half kiras, atleast yonju shpuld be made mandatory by concerned school principals.



    Too much expectation from the Teachers could ruin your and your child’s life. I wonder if the author has observed other officer goers and your own wife too. If they are wearing half kira or without wonju too, why not for the teachers. Teachers are same human spices, not machine my dear author. Just because your child doesn’t want to wear wonju, you can not simply blame teacher, infact they learn right from their own home imitating sisters and mothers. Why not you take your responsibilities to make your child understand the difference between them and teacher?????. You failed your own responsibilities and blames teachers. You see my dear author, Your child stays in the school with different subject teachers for 8 hours in a day and remaining 16 hours with you in a day with dad and Mom. So who should be taking maximum role in shaping the life of your child. Of course teachers do have to fulfill some responsibilities but you cannot directly put the blame on others merely because you daughter refuse to wear wanju.

    You could even send you child to school without wearing wonju, some schools might accept but at the same time as a responsible parents, do you want your child to develop unhealthy habits right from this stage. I feel you are encouraging your child rather than correcting. It is pleasing to see that you have greater concern over your child’s education but why wait for others to change. We cannot afford to waste time in waiting others to change rather change should begin right from your own sweet home.

    As a responsible parents, we do not have the authority to make all the teachers to come in full dress nor we aren’t the person to formulate hard and fast rules for the civil servants. So lets try to act rather than playing the blame game.

    No hard feelings, just my thoughts.



    Dress code in schools

    THUNDER writer has come up with his good intention to prove that education system is missing some where and every youth take the model way of leaving from the teachers Please do take care for more research and we cannot blame only for the youth today .

    1.Take care for education training institution or university .
    2. teacher must be role model for all the time.
    3. Some of the teachers are as same as 10th standard quality .
    4. Some just go for wealth show competition through many ways.
    5. Favoritism in the school ranks one of the top priority but he or she disqualify in the Board Examination.
    6. Group forming with criticism starts from the teachers and blaming the head of Academic or Administrators DEO or TEO.
    7.Teachers always praise for their favorite students 2 % and demoralize for rest of the students may be 98 percent.
    9. well parents also do some research at home level collecting the information from different schools and so on.
    10, We request when you change the education system or curriculum but firstly our 40 % teachers should change their way of imparting wisdom and mentality.
    11 we also know all the teachers not in same category may be 40 % and rest we sincerely respect,honor with our complete integrity for shaping our sons and daughter civilized and enlightened .This is because of teachers afford in every sphere of learning la. Thank you we invite more views and suggestion support for the education system.



    Teachers should show good example to our students by promoting our value culture heritage rather than to blame to parents.


    Mr. Loyal

    Yes mending of children must start from home the immediate environment. We the parents must be concern about our children’s behaviours and we need to correct them. Convince them the differences between Good and Bad. We should not blame each other as we are one the Bhutanese.

    We are the first parents and teachers the second.

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