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    this is a very good initiative to promote dzongkha. all the participates are doing good and the organizer along with group leaders but at the same time we are sad to know that there is less sponsors.

    overall show the show is good and we appreciate but on the last sundays show… so called egoed Drangpon Penjor- *… spoiling the whole charm of the show…. he is too much to insult a participant on live TV and to say he dont mind to let all the participants leave…. in our openion the participants are better than him….

    organizer should do sth


    First question we need ask is do we need to have such speaking and listening contest in Dzongkha? Simply wasting time all talk show with so called judges and host. We find sometimes those people including judges, observers and host spend  ridiculously more time than contestants speaking rubish. Few contestants trying to showcase how to speak Dzongkha, will it have impact? bring some positive changes?



    Doezin pa needs to open his eyes while speaking.


    The 21 st century Bhutan is web 3 generations and if the organizers are into promoting Dzongka in a very traditional and stereotyping way with marathon debates and speeches, there would be hi-cup with the following generation. Currently the status is, a group of exhibits who are already talented and organizers making an assumption of placebo effect that this is one modality of promoting Dzongka. There could have at least carried out a tracer study with the stake holders: the children and the parents on how the children learning and speak. The conventional style model is just wasting time. After few months, keep aside the sponsors, it is going to be a caveat emptor.
    Many of the children would automatically turn off to Cartoon Network and learn better English or Hindi. If the DDC is could think out of the box and have learning with fun these would boost the job opportunities and learning as well. The old maxims: the young cock learns to crow from the old cock. The web 3 generations is already set and there are ways of making attractive packages of learning.

    Making a reminiscence of Lynpo Sangay that time in 90’s in Sherubte on the query of the students why many Bhutanese lost to rhythm of the alien guitar rather than our traditional Dramnyen?. The answer from the Minister was as simple as “think out of the box to make it interesting”. THE OLD HABIT DIE HARD and It is a caveat emptor if we do not.



    This is the best ever reality show in Bhutan. Keep it up.

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