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    its been five long years we the citizens having census problem patiently waited for the government to do something about our census, to our dismay nothing has been done till date. Our last hope is still alive,because we are no criminals nor a traitor,we love our country as much as any Bhutanese does. till date with limited avenue we are given to live we have contributed equally for our living as well as the country.

    we had a great hope in the government as we were told that it was a priority in their election manifesto. we still have a little hope that may be the government would leave us on a good note before the election.

    may god bless us



    Thanks for your voice that is most critical and urgent than any other things in the land of GNH and at the time of crucial infusion of GNH. If GNH has to succeed in the land of GNH, then the present government must solve the problem of census. Frankly speaking those citizen with census problem are genuine citizen and genuine Bhutanese living in the country with loyalty and dedication. They have no adverse records or have not done any adverse activities against the beloved King, Country and people. More they are dedicated. They suffered due to the fact that their relatives action. They are gone and gone like. It is just like they are no more. They are just like dead people. Then why should the innocent citizen suffer from this census problem? They are deprived of many national activities. As per the manifesto of our present government DPT who has farsightedly put this issues to be solved and resolved, must fulfill the manifesto. This is the earnest appeal to our DPT president-Prime Minister, to enumerate the census of all those who are suffering. Those citizens whose census are not enumerated so far are suffering in isolation and are suffering silently. We have last hope from the present government. Please come up…please come up….do something for humanity…do something for poor and deprived people. Let everyone be very happy before the time of next parliamentary election and take active part in election.



    To rectify the statement made by C.D Pradhan, those relatives gone out of countries are no never like dead people. It may not be same for all the case, in some cases we can prove how people keep in touch with those relatives who dwell outside our country. So if people still keeps in touch with those emigrated relatives; it’s like their one feet is inside and other feet out side. So it makes questionable to put all our trust and grant CID to those who are half heart to be Bhutanese.
    We can’t claim and say they are no more because they are still there in refugee camps, Some of them you know taken by United States and other countries. We would agree that Some of them must have died there in the camps. But still there.

    Nor we can’t claim it as a part of human’s right for each country has a Citizenship Law to deal with such issues . Nor we can claim that it is deterrent of GNH. We know very well those people’s relative were the ones who tried to destruct the GNH of our country. So it is irrelevant to talk Census Issue and GNH. Those who suffering without CID; they are suffering by their virtue and fortune. It’s like they are feeling the heat and burns that the fire set by their ancestors.
    We can’t claim blindly for Citizenship until and unless you fulfill the requirement .



    Please be patient and wait for day to come like those who had received census at Samtse Dzongkhag. MELARAPA got enlightenment after lot of hard work and suffer because of sin he had committed.
    Be dedicate and loyal to TSA-WA-SUM with pure set of mind towards your country. You will get the census one day but will take time. Dont hurry, hurry makes worry. good luck



    DPT is worthless. Not to be trusted.
    I would say that the candidates of DPT got the vote by luck and not by their capability.

    My people in my village were innocent, they were out of knowledge, they haven’t really got the concept of election. That’s why my village is not developed yet. NOTHING DONE!


    Lasola No.1

    There are two issues raised by author:
    1. DPT government: It will be farewel in 2013 for unfulfilled promises and autocracy.
    2. Census Issue: It may take time but “Justice delayed is justice denied”.
    3. Intellectual debates are good for any national issue.


    Heavy Heart

    Will you cut off your head when a tooth decay happens? Which Act, which clause states that citizen should be denied to the relatives of offenders. I Chat with unknown americans in person dot com, does it mean i have set one foot there? Dirty be your mind, a person born within Bhutan and having attained eighteen years of age with comprehensive Dzongkha and rudimentary knowledge of history of Bhutan deserves citizenship but, not everyone may get if proper initiatives are not taken. I wish there was justice, let peace be our property. Your day will come, many stateless people are being granted census kidu by our glorious King. I sympathize your pain, no job, no liscence, no travel, no higher education, it is a misery to be stateless.



    Well, as a citizen, I will stay say it should take time. We have seen on news about how some people have misused the citizenship and helped non Bhutanese to stay in Bhutan and get a fake citizenship. It was on Kuensel news only. If you are citizen of Bhutan and you have evidence accepted by Govt, you will get and you must get. But Govt should take time to study the evidences given the situation that all the problem of fake citizenships coming from southern Dzongkhags and we must understand.



    time has to be given,it is a national issue, enough time must be given, but when we say time how long would be an adequate time, already 23 years of time is gone, the people suffering have submitted all the per-requisite documents,and bunch of file is prepared,to prove the authenticity of the documents it is being verified by the geog and chiwog.
    further what is left is to decide who deserve and who does not.



    You have brought up a very pertinent issue. It is perhaps one of the fundamental requirement of a citizen to have census. Without it, am not sure if we can do anything worth while in life. Where is the motivation to do something in life? You are not even a citizen if you do not have census!
    It was great to hear from the current govt that they will solve the problem. DPT is one of the strongest govt we ever will have in Bhutan. They have the absolute majority and can do anything they think is good for the people and the country. It is also lead by a very clever and cunning PM and I am sure he is also seriously looking into this issue. If they fail then they will miss this great opportunity to solve a very important problem of some people.
    Have patience and may be they will do it in the last session of the parliament. I also hear through some sources that they are also planning to increase the salary of the civil servant in the coming session of parliament.



    Thank u dear author for bringing up this topic

    People have waited for 22 long years nd what is the bosses doing about the census case
    There is no reason for y the govt of Bhutan to not issue I’d cards to
    Those who f born nd raised in Bhutan

    In a family one of the sisters have the CID and the other does not
    What a shame that bosses have not yet realized
    If the Bhutan govt cnr do anything than they should also plan to sent those people to their family in USA

    It’s high time for every one in higher level to see to the matter closely

    Than should hvall admit Bhutan as a Buddhist country
    Be like Buddha not lik devil



    Owing to many problems due to small population such as manpower shortage, lack of skilled laborer, farm labour shortage, wildlife conflict due to abandoned land, etc….I feel Bhutan should review the citizenship Act and rules. Probably those genuine can be considered however children from outside spouse might be difficult to share the equal rights to those who are pure Bhutanese. Bhutan have limited resources, we are having increasing debts, and free education, free health, etc is becoming more expensive. I think availing country’s first opportunities goes to national in most of the countries, however I guess in Bhutan it is too rigid, probably we can frame as a policy but not Law. There are lots of changes and modernization we can already see under the young leadership of our 5th King, lots of appreciation and love you my King!

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