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    As the title of the scholarship suggests, it requires lots of endeavours and hardship to apply for this scholarship, starting from preparation of IELTS costing around Nu. 9000. After that applicants get tensed for the IELTS result truly concerned about their score. Some got through while many didnt get the required band. And those who didnt even went as far as Kolkata to redo IELTS exam incurring expenses around tens of thousands of Ngultrum because getting right score is a key to process the the actual scholarship applications. Some of the applicants have seated for IELTS exam three times within a span of four months. Further most of the applicants have denounced the other scholarship opportunities knocking readily at their doors and which didnt require pre-requisite exams such as IELTS. Such was the attraction of this Endeavour award.
    Other endeavours include writing of almost 1400 words essay, endorsing documents which also consume lots of time and of course the finding of right referees. Looking at the values of this award, it deserves nothing less effort than this. But the biggest flaws of endeavour award are:1. Never declare number of available slots. 2. Does not have any restriction on field of study for particular season.3. The selection criteria are very vague, though there are criteria given but dont think it is being followed.4. Gives false hope by providing huge number of awards for one season and then decrease by 10 times the next season, like this year. Last year around 600 applicants were awarded in various categories, but this year just above 50. And there is no reason to cut this year as Australian economy is soaring. 5. It is not transparent at all. The results were delayed but they refused to share the concrete reasons.
    And the time has now come for closure of this award, because next year too there are high chances that it behaves in same manner.



    I really didn’t understand the meaning of Endeavor Scholarship in Australia since I heard about it long time ago. I have been trying to answer only 2 questions about it, which are intriguing to me. But no answer so far.

    1. Is this scholarship for going to Australia for work and earn Aus $?
    2. Is this scholarship for going to Australia and study some courses that will help people back in Bhutan?

    1. If this scholarship is meant for their domestic helpers from abroad like Bhutan, they must be having enough from previous enrollment and form other countries. Therefore, they didn’t want to have anyone from Bhutan.

    2. If this scholarship is meant to study particular course, undergraduate or post graduate program, they may have understood that Bhutanese are more into making money than studying. So, providing scholarship may have gone in vain and their objective to support Asians remained unfulfilled. By this time, they may have found people who are more onto studying than doing some household chores in Australia for dollars. Therefore, they didn’t want to have anyone from Bhutan.


    Why most Bhutanese like to study in Australia, where as handful of Bhutanese citizens study in countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc. with stipend that barely supports their monthly expenditure? If someone really has mind to study and upgrade his/her qualification with good knowledge and skills, he/she wont mind anything as long as s/he can afford 3 meals/day, considering any scholarship covers accommodation charges.

    I feel the admission committee has taken right decision this time. Now more Bhutanese will rush to neighboring countries for higher studies and this situation will really force Bhutan to have good folk of learnt people.



    Cause and Effect: Respect it.
    Why Bhutanese do not rush for GOI scholarships? Why not even for NFP fellowships?
    What makes you(applicants) to prioritize for Australian’s Endeavour scholarship?

    Can anyone answer these questions?




    You are right. But let me answer your questions.
    1. Why Bhutanese do not rush for GOI scholarships? Why not even for NFP fellowships?
    Ans: Firstly if you would consider studying rather than making money, do you still think that Indian colleges and Universities have higher standard than Aussies? How many Indian institutes are in world’s top 200-300? I believe very very few.
    2. We all are human beings not Buddha. The reason why students prefer is with study they can make decent income. Do you think we all study merely to get knowledge? Please be honest!



    I join Simpson
    why not other countries??
    why only Australia??

    because people know that, they can also take their family and work there.. Earn more dollars….

    this time 2000 bhutanese applied.. and if granted around 100 scholarships, next time there will be 5000 applying for it..

    So the people awarding the scholarship must have smelled the reason people apply for it…
    all the best guys!



    2000 applied, Nu. 9000 per head. 2000*9000= Nu. 180,00,00, 000.00, In US$ 339,622.64(@53), Only 1 candidate got… where is the balance amount.



    That’s what we call forgone cost or opportunity cost. Have you been able to get the scholarship to study in Australia, the amount Nu. 9000 spend would have been nothing.

    May be as some one pointed Australian must have realized we Bhutanese are more money conscious than study.
    This could be the one of the flaws why our learned ,educated Masters, PhD holders lack civic and common sense. We sometimes find how these educated lot behave and act. But hidden fact is they have never spent time studying rather diverted how to make and earn dollars.

    There are some stories where some even did online courses after reaching there; diverted rest of the time to earn dollars.

    So this part time jobs really undermines the quality and value of qualifications .



    Many B..T..N..s have started barking at the Endeavour scholarship providers. Go through the link below how they bark.


    I feel guilty and see no future for those people.



    I agree that the the scholarship is a money making scheme for the bhutanese. there are some bhutanese who are not married but they make their own real sister their wife and take to australia to make money. i wonder how our bhutanese judiciary approves their marriage certificate.

    big question?



    Australia being a developed nation is supposed to be most civilized and professional in everything they do or conducts especially by the government agents. Had the concerned authorities declared the numbers of scholarships in advance, the 2000 or so applicants from Bhutan would not have pained going through vigorous processes of applying for scholarships. Besides, lots of money have been poured into IELTS exams. It is a big blow to the aspirants.

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