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    Expected Election victory of any Political Party in 2018

    How and why any Political Party (A,B,C,D,E)whichever party comes in, can expect to win the National Assembly Election 2018.

    The Bhutanese democratic political parties or alliances…previous, current or future who have or will strategically planned/plan and executed/execute the following developmental plans/programmes activities/actions simultaneously both for short term and long term in the larger interest of the people of Bhutan, King and the country will will surely expect to win the 2018 NA election and run the next government.

    1. Salary of civil servants revised and raised substantially fixed to a min. range of (60-100%) across all grade levels, i.e giving 100% raise for the lowest rung and 60% for the highest. The same raise can be copied to the corporate, private and business sectors, as well, but ensuring income equity between the civil servants and other entities.

    2. The DA, mileage, and gratuity ceiling should also be accordingly raised for the civil servants. The gratuity ceiling should be raised to 20,00000 instead of 16,00000. This will greatly reduce the existing corruption level in the working systems. By the way corruption level is high in all government functionaries as well as in the private and corporate systems based on the degree of authority exercised by the individuals.

    3. The standard/quality of personal duty cars of MPs and NCs including ministers should be reduced to provision of normal standard (make india) cars, and not costly important high cost Japanese cars (Landcruisers, prados etc.)

    4. The definition and regulation on the government vehicle allotment for the eligible civil servants DPT fixed at maximum of 800,000 should be lifted immediately and no price limit should be fixed as in case of MPs and NCs.

    5. The present embarrassing conditions of capital roads substandard (inside and outside the Thimphu city) engineered by poor quality engineering with lots of potholes should be upgraded to meet the high quality international road condition standard, at least in the capital city and District HQs.

    6.The senior citizens including especially retirees and senior civil servants must be duly supported by the government with decent home living conditions and retirement benefits.

    7.There should be old age living home and nutritional support schemes planned and implemented by the elected government.

    8. Thimphu should have have one multi-complex outdoor public gym hall or stadium built to encourage promote improvement of personal health, physical exercises and healthy living lifestyle where everybody(young or old, big or small) can congregate and freely access the outdoor facilities with no restriction.

    9. Present gym facilities are only meant for handful of people to enjoy and entertain among the membership guys.

    10. Listing of many important points or agenda will be continued….

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