Fire incident in Mongar is man-made disaster

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    maha guru

    Fire incident in Mongar town though unfortunate is by and large a man-made disaster. Why?

    There are several concrete reasons, as follows:
    1. Clear failure of town planning and urban development system in Bhutan,
    2. Inadequate planning and strategy, worsened by ill-equipped Disaster Management and Rapid Response
    Systems in Bhutan,
    3. Government failure to plan and implement comprehensive precautionary measures despite many such
    major fire incidents which took place in the past namely,
     As recent as Sarpang town- gone (2016)
     Bumthang Chamkhar Town was devoured by fire 3 times (2009-2011),
     Old Wanrong Town (2011) – gone
    4. Flash floods affected towns, areas and regions (2009-2016,
    5. Complacency on the part of the concerned and responsible authorities in the government to institute
    effective safety measures to address and combat against any type of disasters (Fire, wind, flash floods
    etc.): be it natural or man-made disasters.
    6. What is being tried (all the time) by the government is simply reacting to the unfortunate situations crises
    management strategy only.

    This is submitted a big concern to relevant authorities of the ruling government and also to create general awareness for the benefit of the people and society at large.

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