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    Forum Rules and Guidelines

    1. Avoid personal attacks by commenting on content, not the contributor. Comments should be directed at content/actions/ideas of people, rather than just people, i.e. “This idea is bad” instead of “You are a bad person”.

    2. Avoid posting defamatory/libel content or false information that can damage a person’s/institution’s reputation.

    3. Avoid derogatory/discriminatory comments or terminology.

    4. Content that violates the forum rules will be edited/removed.

    5. If you come across a post that violates the forum rules, please write to us at so that it can be reviewed.

    Terms of Use

    User Content

    1. You are solely responsible for the content you post on Kuensel Online.

    2. You acknowledge and agree that the views expressed and viewed by you and other users on Kuensel Online do not necessarily reflect the views of Kuensel Corporation, nor does it mean Kuensel Corporation supports or endorses user submitted content. Kuensel Corporation accepts no liability in respect of any content submitted by users and published on Kuensel Online.

    3. You acknowledge and agree that when you post content on Kuensel Online you do so at your own discretion and risk.

    4. You agree not to post any content that personally attacks another user, or post any false/defamatory information about another person or institution.

    5. You acknowledge that any content you post on Kuensel Online may be edited, removed, or published by Kuensel Corporation.



    It is interesting to see the forum rules and guidelines including the terms and condition here but in reality KUENSEL moderator also do not follow the rules.
    1. I would suggest KUENSEL to first investigate the forum issues twice before approving the post for general public because topic in the forum comes especially to defame the victim. Recheck the claim by sending the mail twice to the person who is posting. If possible since KUENSEL has members in every corner, they could do the research and post the fact.
    2. I would also suggest KUENSEL to edit the names because KUENSEL too is trying to defame the individual by allowing the name openly in the forum where as those posting are hiding their faces with nick names. It is bias from KUENSEL’s side.
    3. If KUENSEL wants to give justice, KUENSEL must first make sure the forum issue is TRUE. Can KUENSEL take the responsibility of damage made to individual by taking side?
    4. Is KUENSEL reconfirming the e-mail id (True or hoax?) I think KUENSEL must post only TRUE story. Any individual can write beautiful story and essay but TRUTH is what KUENSEL must support.
    Just my thoughts. comments awaited.



    forum rules and guidelines meant only for those who shares the truth.



    I fully agree with Dochula



    Sir, why the kuensel forum is not updating and day by day it is vanishing. This is only the place to express the reality.

    [Dear user, thank you for the feedback. We do apologise for the delays. We’re trying to moderate and update as often as possible. Please bear with us when there’re any delays. We are trying to increase the frequency of moderation. Once again, thanks for the feedback – Moderator]



    I just want to know why I cannot lock in. As writer we seem excited to express and the in the moment of madness we express it vindictively. We would like give an option as mediator to moderate our madness and get the message across.

    I have writing for long and suddenly when I cannot logged in I felt an out caste or is it I am black listed.


    [Dear sir/madam, it seems we might be experiencing a technical flaw. We’re looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience – Moderator]



    actually there shouldn’t be forum rules n regulations ……. everybody has right to pose everything including personal comments n all ……….



    today it is possible to reply to topics, but still not able to create a new topic, because click on “Forum” still
    refuses to show “black headline” with Howdy, Participant. Would be nice, if moderator could give a statement. May 30, 2014

    [Thanks for the feedback, we will look into this – Moderator]



    test spam


    ugly painted walls

    [Dear user, if you could please try again.]

    respected kuensel,
    my friend wants to register but the password is not forwarded to him. he chcked his inbox several times. is something wrong ?
    thank you


    ugly painted walls

    respected kuensel
    is there any possibilities that kuensel can create something like liking an opinion? just like Facebook.and we can create profile with all of our topics or opinion. it would work better if we can view that person’s profile through his if there is system like that it would work better..
    thank you

    [Thanks for the feedback, we’re currently in the process of revamping the website and will see if such a feature can be included – Moderator.]


    ugly painted walls

    Respected kuensel,
    it is earnest request to invite all the ministers, prime minister and reputed authority to join kuensel with their real identity.
    So that we can suggest or comment directly to that particular authority, rather than turning the wheel. I have seen many suggestions with too little consideration. I believe it would work better if kuensel could work forward to it and my previous suggestions. I am still waiting for changes to come so that I can suggest all of my suggestions directly.
    Looking forward for the changes.
    Thanking You


    App Bokto

    Forum means to share thought, make comments about others and to debate in future coming incidences.



    do this work



    Why are the comments moderated? Wouldn’t this be considered censorship? At least press should have freedom of speech.

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