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    Most of the third Semester (97%) of students of Gaeddu College of Business Studies had failed in the Human Resource Management subject. The papers needs to be rechecked.



    Do you think recheck is gonna improve quality of answers you have written? There are so many problems from GCOBS. Looks like students do not respect and trust their management and lecturers. Role of student is to study and get good result for their own future. Just do it and go out of college. You would never have such problems again in life if you think you are right. Remember, if you face such problem again in life, then you should ask question to yourself.



    RUB had hire Indian lecturers by paying high amount of salary + hand some contract allowance. They should be work hard & teaches our students in best possible ways. If 100% of students had failed in Human resource Managements (HCM) that means that the lecturers are not teaching well or may be they are not expertise to the HCM subjects.



    In one section 100% of the students had failed in Human Resource Management (HRM) subject.
    How can it be happen?. May be lecturers themselves have to learn more & make familiar with the HRM subjects.




    So if all the students fail it’s the fault of the teachers and if all the students pass it’s the mertis of the students? KindHeartedMancha wrote “In one section 100% of the students had failed in Human Resource Management (HRM) subject.
    How can it be happen?. May be lecturers themselves have to learn more & make familiar with the HRM subjects.” — You cannot even frame a sentence correctly and you are going to blame your lecturer for that? Are they suppose to be teaching grammar to you in the college? Almost all the reply to the aforementioned post are directed towards the lecturers implying all are written by the students. Have you ever reflected about it within yourself: Why did I fail?
    Ofcourse, I am speaking based on the assumption that the exam questons are set within RUB. Meaning the teachers who taught you that particular subject would have set the questions.



    Why only the Gaeddu Colleges of Business studies had so many problems being raised in this forum & where as other RUB colleges don’t have such problems.

    There seem to have some real problems that some government intervention is very much needed.



    The lecturers who used to check & examined the answer papers are so cruel minded & students who had scored passed marks are also declared as unsuccessful. The papers needs to be rechecked.



    I can’t believe, why most of the students performed very poor marks in HCM subjects.

    The head of the management should look in to the matter seriously.


    Better to recheck the papers, to be verified & examined by the committee.



    If above 95% of students has failed in HCM subject that means some fishy thing has been happened by lecturers who had checked the answer papers



    I could see most of the students coming happily from the exam hall after doing the HRM exam and many of the students said that they gave their effort atleast to manage pass mark and sure they are going to get through the subject. what i heard from most of my friends is that “ahhh today i m sure most of the students will pass” but see only 4% OF the students have passed. what is it????
    Is it that it was the lecturers intention to make the students fail or does it mean that with the new policy of RUB regarding the back paper that, if any of the student get back paper in any of the subjects they have to pay an amount of Nu.6800 for that particular module.
    i think that recheck of the HRM paper should be made with good progression of students passing.



    The lecturers who had checked the HRM papers seems to be cruel minded & not very friendly with the students. The students who had scored pass marks also declared as unsuccessful.

    In Madam Priya class 100% of the students have been failed in HRM subjects. So, it is the must to recheck the HRM papers again.



    If 95% of the students failed in HRM subjects, then the lecturers who used to teach HRM subject is responsible for the unsuccessful academic results.
    Lecturers should be punished for such lapses by withholding annual increment/promotion. This is the rule & regulation of the autonomous/corporation body.



    Although i am in service and has no relatives in College. I came to know from this forum of the issue. While reading the common views of same. In such a situation,Higher Authority of the college must be morally responsible and asked his/her sub-ordinate to justify of the issue. If RUB police is for earning cash, then special commission like ACC must step in. If it was intended by concerned lecturer, he/she must be punished to compensate those students made failed. Please take moral responsiblities!!!!!



    reputation of the college goes down to the drain just because of few such pessimist thinkers who blames their lecturers when they fail in the subject. despite being grateful to the college you all creating all these fuss. why didn’t you all show your concern regarding the subjects if it was so tough, or complained the director if your lecturers were ineffective and needed to be familiar with the subject? at the end when you become unsuccessful then you point to your tutors , yes it was rightly said,”a losing horse blames the saddle”.those who failed and are writing non-sense to your tutors,be grateful to your lecturers because you all were going through your papers till now because may be your lecturers were pulling you, but now may be RUB has decided not to take residues to next semester by pulling them. you all should have talked to the concerned people if you had doubts rather than blaming your lecturers for your failure in the forum. it’s funny that you all are demanding for recheck, saying question pattern was different and it was intentionally made tough to make you fail, but nobody has stated about the syllabus, so the questions must have been from the syllabus. if that is the case then being in the college level you should be responsible for your own learning lecturers are just a guide to you all don’t expect spoon feeding from them. don’t worry if you have failed you can pay Nu.6800 and study well next time. for so many years you got free education can’t you pay that much for your self. and i am sure that you will not fail in your module next time…



    There is no fuss in my written points…if u dont agree then do the following things
    1. Check who prepares electricity bill(BPC or College)
    2. C who pays to those employees, definitely by college.
    3. I also got discount for my electricity bill from NU 44000 in a month to nu 3250 in a month
    4. some student despite being failed r still given stipend,,,,, while there are still some who do not get stipend.
    5. ok no matter what happens…..but it really matters when we don’t know where this moneys goes…..
    enriching few mena? what u say?

    Now they r really going to lot the students of Gaeddu College of Business Studies….keep watching plez…



    There seem to have some real problems being faced by the students of Gaeddu College of Business Studies, so that some government intervention is very much needed.

    I think RUB should investigate the matters seriously.


    Mr. Loyal

    After going through above statements I could say something is wrong somewhere.



    its not a fault of both students and teachers.,.,,. the fact is ,.,.management don’t give importance to academic. the followings are the draw backs-
    1.Gives important to girls.
    2. 60 percent of the given by the teachers, and some teacher underutilized it. haha. you know who you are.
    3. 80% of student doesn’t study properly.



    Lot of issues & suggestions are being raised in the forum regarding the management of GCOBS. There seems to have some real problems being faced by our students.

    We the parents would be grateful, if DPT Government & RUB is kind enough to investigate & solve the problems being created by HRM lecturers.



    If 96% of students had failed in Human resource Managements (HCM) that means that the lecturers are not teaching well or maybe they are not expertise to the HCM subjects.




    So, questions -
    - How is it possible to fail all the students? 100% failure? Oh madam you got to be kidding, seriously!
    - What kind of teacher is that madam? Didn’t you know that students failure is teacher’s failure?

    The community and society’s rating on your college (Director Sir) will be the best evaluated rated and management got to look into the matter.

    RUB should also get into it. Just RUB shouldn’t stay silent just by giving Dean’s and Director’s allowance to please them, expecting them to work further. Just get out of Mindfulness box and do something beneficial to the society and RUB colleges.



    I agree that lecturers who used to teach HRM subject is responsible for the unsuccessful academic results.


    Micky Mouse

    If 95% of stds ve failed in HRM sub…***
    There can following reasons-
    -The concerned lecturer wud ve not been so serious in teaching & just awaited for year to end for the break.
    -students must have just passed their time (Dating) without clarifying their doubts at times of teaching.
    -But on otherhand evaluaters are really being unfair for those students who are intelligent…sincere…and hardworking. U cant evaluate as same as other loitering stds (both boys abd girls)



    If more than 95% of students failed.. than its better to recheck the papers for the sake of the stds and also the college reputation..

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