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Gaeddu college: HRM subject papers should be re-checked

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    Why Gedu College very popular with the media? I think it was last year for a couple of weeks, kuensel carried suspension boys story for a week or so…and Kuensel forum is never free…always Gedu college need to change this and that and so on… Just accept your faith and learn to enjoy rather than complaining even over tiny issues like rechecking of papers and all. If you don’t study…you will definately fail offcourse… who passes without studying???


    Intern analyst

    if all those things are happening question has to be raise to RUB to make exam question and checking same like class 10 and 12, so that there wont be any complain and partiality…. RUB its time to review all colleges examination under your authority not in college authority…there is many difference between like and dislike…



    i agree with @canisaysomething…….its nature of stds to blame lecturers for low marks……but i dun also say thet stds r alys wrong…..there are problems with some lecturers also….i m also a graduate of RUB college…..i knw how things go on…….i think a recheck should be allowed in presence of the college management since a lot of stds hav failed, there is a problem…..


    bhutanese citizens

    NO OFFENCE for the abusers!!!!! I am not a student of GCBS. I am doing my Architecture course and also in 3rd sem…students of Gedu College of Business Studies were once a topper(best performer) of commerce stream in their respective school. so what i thought was the above abusing people has got no capability of advising them to study. they know what will work out well and not. yes what Mr science wrote was right it will just defame your college or bring down the reputation of the college but one thing to remember but they never gonna stay their in college forever, its for the benefits of upcoming students, we all have to point out the faults if its worthy.
    and never to forget if 100% students failed that is an exceptional case and it indicates that there is something wrong with the professor or with the management. people who makes comment really need learn how to respect the students of GCBS…
    P.S paper recheck needed urgently…..



    I think that it was the lecturers intention to make the students fail or does it mean that with the new policy of RUB regarding the back paper that, if any of the student get back paper in any of the subjects they have to pay an amount of Nu.6800 for that particular module.

    Now we are very much aware that the management of GCOBS & HRM lecturers are money minded to make more profit.



    If above 98% of students has failed in HCM subject that means some fishy thing has been happened by lecturers who had checked the answer papers.

    It is a must to recheck the papers.



    It seems that things are taken for granted both by the students as well as the educated authorities. Given the situation these things are bound to happen and should be accepted by all and sundry.

    I see it in a different light. Human Resource Management as a subject by one of the top colleges in the country is not dealt with in the manner required and leading to say that the human resource management by the concerned authorities is very poor. Both the students studying the subject at the college and those humans, resourcefully managed are not satisfied.

    Spoon-feeding study materials by the teachers at the lower level is the fundamental cause for this episode in the life of the failed students. Three percent of the students passed, a wonder, and when they passed what was stopping the other 97% from doing so! The same lecturers and the same syllabus and so where is / was the hitch.

    The ‘rechecking’ clause should be removed from the examination norms so that failures’ excuses need not be entertained.

    A case connected to the issue needs to be explained here.
    Present day students have a very bad habit of over-writing, making very careless mistakes while writing, be it exams or otherwise. As they have something to fall upon, namely the ‘correction fluid’. Just because of its presence students tend to be careless about something very fundamental.

    Remove the correction fluid and everything will fall in place.

    Try it!



    Why only the Gaeddu Colleges of Business studies had so many problems being raised in this forum.

    There seem to have some real problems that some government intervention is very much needed.


    top voice

    i m not blaming lecturers but gaeddu college is really producing donkey result for existing students. director is not running college but a factory in which products are being declining year by year.and the thing is college fund is decreasing year by year and lectures salary is being increasing because of self funding students .there is no happiness in GCBS being in GNH country..some thing should be done.pls


    top voice

    i do agree with mr science but you should have to know that not all the students are getting free education, half of the college students are studying by paying huge amount of money as a tuition fee, for them who’s going to pay or they are not at all included as a student of gaeddu college. gaeddu college is an autonomous body and it doesn’t mean that management can collect huge money whenever they like, like students fine 50 nu for not attending prayers for once, students are not given stipend for whole semester if they are caught by the management (also being punished for 1-2 weeks suspending classes), charging huge amount of electricity bill(more than 10000 per month), collecting 100 nu per student on compulsion in college rimdo . it seems that college has no fund on their own,i wonder where the fund is going..regarding HRM result, if 5-10% of students fail it is acceptable but its just the opposite here so i think this is question to asked to the management of gcbs and the answer should be found out..over all geddu college is generating very huge amount of fund from students to establish another college..ha ha ..i think so.



    Reputation of the Gaeddu college of Business Studies goes down to the drain just because of HRM lecturers. Every year 50% of the students used to fail in HRM subjects.
    This year above 97% of students had considered as unsuccessful. The HCM lecturers need to be changed.


    dragon fly

    sorry to interup u all.. but that our problem.. we are really not



    Concerned RUB authority should look in to the matter seriously for the welfare of the students. If not, we are being ashamed our self to be called our country as GNH country.


    I think it is better for the RUB to change the HRM lecturers & to be replaced by experienced lecturers in order to improve the academic results especially HRM subject.



    The lecturers who used to check & examined the answer papers are so cruel minded & students who had scored passed marks are also declared as unsuccessful. The papers needs to be rechecked.



    Kuensel forum moderators seem to be afraid of Director of GCOBS. So, they are not willing to moderate the issues/ suggestions against GCOBS in the forum.



    So if 97% of the students fail especially only in HRM subject then it’s the fault of the lecturers & they are held responsible for the academically poor performance.



    We do write in the forum against GCOBS in order to improve the system in future. So, please post our suggestions



    There are two sides of a coin in this case. 100% failure in the exam indicates the lack of proper teaching learning atmosphere in the class. It is also the failure of the subject lecturer not only the students. Students at the degree level should be aware of what they are being taught in the class and how much they are able to absorb what is being taught. If the teaching learning atmosphere in the class was not conducive, they should havetaken the matter to the management of the institute. The lecturer who is teaching the subject could be an immature lecturer who doesnot understand his/her responsibility. Students are like children for the teachers not enemies. All teachers should be caring and loving. That is the quality of the teacher. Respect others to be respected. love others to be loved. Let us not take teaching as a business in Bhutan. It is still a profession where the teachers are highly respected. All teachers should learn to be respected human beings. There is no harm in making things transparent rather than blaming each other. Just re-check the papers by a committee and solve the problem. This is just my openion.



    I am not cursing others .Please post my issues/views.



    Re-checking of HRM answer papers by external evaluators would play a fair game and these doomed students would be justified. To my understanding and as far as I know most of the students had performed very well but the lecturers who had checked the papers seems to be cruel minded & the students who had just passed the exam also declared as unsuccessful.



    What happened to Madam Priya, HRM lecturer? She is held responsible for academically poor performance of the students. In her class 100% of the students had failed in HRM subject.

    Please release my post.



    will somebody delete this topic from this forum. it is so annoying.



    Now it is a mandatory to recheck the HRM papers as most the students had raised complaint against HRM lecturers. If it reached to the notice of higher authority, I think the serious action will be taken against the Management & HRM lecturers.



    I think that the lecturers might be newly recruited after graduation from the colleges and this year they come to teach HRM in GCOBS without any experience and good content and it is just like student doing presentation in the class. So, 97 % of the students had failed due to teacher don’t have any idea in the subject.

    Please post my suggestion.

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