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Gaeddu college: HRM subject papers should be re-checked

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    Dear Narcissus, this forum is being created for fruitful discussion among our people in order to solve problems & to further improve the system as per philosophy of GNH. So nobody will delete these topic ones it appeared on line. Please don’t be annoyed & be kind enough to help the students to solve their problems.



    Since 97% of the students had failed in HRM, I think the recheck of papers should be allowed in presence of college management/committee. I am sure there is a problem being created by lecturers who had authorized to check the HRM papers.



    Didn’t you know that students’ failure is teacher’s failure? So, from this year 2013 HRM lecturers should also learnt to work hard like other lecturers & produced a good academic result.


    I f above 97 % of students fails, it is better for the management to recheck the papers, to be verified & examined by the committee.



    So if 97% of the students fail especially only in HRM subject then it’s the fault of the lecturers & they are held responsible for the academically poor performance & more over the HRM paper should be rechecked in order to satisfy & clear the doubts of the students.



    My dear whiners,
    All your papers have been rechecked and we regret to inform you that your marks have not changed. Therefore, you can still whine. You are welcome!



    RUB sanctioned an allowance to Director & Dean of GCOBS for expecting them to work hard further for smooth functioning of college as a whole as per philosophy of GNH. As 97% of the students had fails in HRM, they seemed to be unworthy to receive such allowance as per corporate performance based incentive system.

    Please release my suggestion.



    Dear all of you out there. It is surprising that after a much hue and cry about the GCBS students failing in HRM, and still the discussion going on, a comedian of sorts bearing the name ‘Management GCBS’ pokes in the middle and comments that all the papers have been re-checked and the result remains the same and leading to the fact that the results will not change.
    At least now it should be understood, that there are more powerful people at the helms that will stall an amicable solution. It is understood that the College Management does not have to say or comment anything on it, but the very mention of such a name and a so called authority will imbibe the College Management to back it up to save themselves from all the harassment!
    Director Sir,, At least now you should come out of your deep sleep!



    As the students had raised so many complaints, now it is the mandatory for the Management of GCOBS to recheck the HRM papers by involving EXTERNAL EVALUATORS will be fair & it would remain as it is if re-evaluation is done by the same tutors.



    Despite several request to management of GCOBS to rechecks HRM papers, they fail to take action, so only alternative is to approach higher authority to solve problem.



    I fully support the students of GCOBS. Over all 97% of the students fails in HRM is a big questionable to lecturers. How is it possible to fail all the students? I think the students should request RUB to solve the problems.



    Royal University of Bhutan should also discussed with students in details & try to solve the problems and just RUB shouldn’t stay silent just by giving Dean’s and Director’s allowance to please them.



    The two of the HRM lecturers of GCOBS were without any experience and good content and it is just like student doing presentation in the class. They only know the basics & they seem to be very poor in explaining in details to the students. Ever year 50% of the students fail in HRM & this year above 97% of the students had fails in HRM. The lecturers need to be change.

    Please post my suggestion.



    Above 97% of the students had failed in HRM, now it is a must to recheck the papers & also to change the unproductive lecturers.



    The manner of evaluating a student in our country is contrary to the result obtained by the tainted HRM students.
    A series of tests conducted during the Semester, Projects, Assignments add up to internally assessing the students and is termed as ‘Internal Assessment’. Does it go on to say that the 97% students did not have a good internal assessment? If it is so then the Tutor concerned has been very very careless in not informing the student about his / her academic performance, so that necessary steps would have been taken to better the academic performance by the concerned. Or, the concerned student should have monitored his / her academic performance to escape from such a result. The very purpose of introducing Internal Assessment in the curriculum, be it be the school level or the college, is to give an 100% opportunity to the student to climb the ladder in academics and escape being caught in such a mess!
    Looking at it from the angle of the authorities – When so many opportunities are given to the student to excel and their performance goes down closer to zero what can we do? The common comment would be – They were not at all conscious about their studies!
    An HRM lecturer, irrespective of sex, would comment – They were told, but they just did not listen, they were present physically in the class but mentally they were either at Phuntsholing or in one of the shops in Upper Market cajoling with their beloveds, making plans for tours – as a matter of fact they were interested in other things not related to their academics! The kind of freedom they enjoy, all throughout their stay in the college is misused and when it comes to results they blame us!
    This discussion will continue, sometimes picking up the heat and otherwise dropping the heat!
    Now what are the legal aspects of the issue needs to be framed out, provided one feels that there is a chance for a good fight. Loose or win is immaterial, at least if the ground is there where a war can be fought, then it is fine. If it happens then there will be a precedence. The result of which the students as well as the lecturers and the concerned authorities would be careful about such a fallout!
    See for yourself, come together and talk about it, meet the authorities before you decide to take any drastic steps, as the name of your institute is at state as well as the Royal University of Bhutan , which is still in its infancy!
    Crying about what is happening is of no use, until unless you get into it and relieve your worries.



    I support both the students and the college. Yes failing of students means failure of lecturer, she must review her teaching style, if the subject is difficult then she must change her teaching methods and make the students understand. If we look at the international university around the world most of the colleges follow hard questions but soft evaluation. The lecturer should understand the drawback, weakness and address intellectually, not affecting students’ merit and career. The matter must be looked into and address the problem for the next academic year.



    We would be very grateful, if management of GCOBS is kind enough to recheck the HRM papers by external evaluators in order to satisfy our mind.




    It seems you are not ‘lekpola’!

    It seems that it is a childish request ‘to satisfy our mind’! The request stated has all the signs and stains of a childish mind or rather thoughts!

    It is important that one raise up to expectations than lowering the standards of education!



    Just a word of caution here would be, when comparing our lecturers with international standards, that their delivery of lectures should meet international standards- according to the legal contract agreement that she had signed, there is no sign or mention of ‘international standards’ and the pay and perks that ‘she’ is given does not go anywhere near international standards.

    Then why should she?

    Why not the other way too, just to think of it – Why are the students not up to international standards?

    It seems that all the 97% of students are just building castles in the air!



    haha I love this thread…it’s gonna be never ending…keep it up losers….lol

    Well, just my view thought: If everyone can pass without any difficulty or if everyone is pushed by the college then do you think all the graduates will get jobs? What will be the quality of our graduates? I think quality should not be compromised, if you failed you failed.
    Another question: If your teacher is not up to the standards, why are you quiet until the result was declared? If you were worried from the beginning, I am sure such problems can be shared with your management and solved.

    I don’t see a reason for you to get bold behind a computer screen or just embarrass yourself by announcing the world that you failed.



    Why only the Gaeddu Colleges of Business studies had so many problems & where as other RUB colleges don’t have such problems.

    There seem to have some real problems that some government intervention is very much needed but RUB doesn’t wants to solve the problems being faced by students.



    As the students had raised so many complaints, now it is the mandatory for the Management of GCOBS to recheck the HRM papers by involving EXTERNAL EVALUATORS will be fair & it would remain as it is if re-evaluation is done by the same tutors.

    Please release my Suggestion.



    I came to know from this forum of the issues being raised by students, while going through the suggestions, I have observed that in such a situation, Higher Authority of the college must be morally responsible and asked his/her concerned HRM lecturers to justify of the issues being raised by students.



    now the time for rechecking is over and the management should now consider giving the students, who appear for the RA, the marks they get and not 50 which is usually given when a student has passed the the RA.
    this decision made by the management can do something good.



    GCOBS had hire an Indian lecturers by paying high amount of salary + hand some contract allowance. They should be work hard & teaches our students in best possible ways. If 100% of students had failed in Human resource Managements (HCM) that means that the lecturers are not teaching well or maybe they are not expertise to the HCM subjects.

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