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    Why Management of GCOBS always faced in problems?.Earlier Management of GCOBS had disputes with first batch self funding students & faced with serious problems. Finally Management begged to 1st batch self funding students not to report their inequality cases to higher authority & this year the disputes between students & HRM lecturers had arises.



    Everyone is curious to whether the problem is solved and how. “Action speaks louder than word”. Rather than simply arguing in such forum, management please take immediate action and let everyone know that there is no more problem now. Remove the cause from the root. The root is not the student or the teacher, it is the system. We have such a good atmospher that if good system is in place, our colleges will be highly reputed and outsider would like to avail education from our college. Simplify your heart and mind, it will simplify everything in life.



    Reputation of the Gaeddu college of Business Studies goes down to the drain just because of HRM lecturers. It was very sad to notice that every year 50% of the students used to fail in HRM subjects. If our college wants to be highly reputed and if outsider would also like to avail education to our College then it is the mandatory for the RUB to change the unproductive HRM lecturers.



    Among RUB colleges, Gaeddu College of Business Studies has lot of complaints so far raised in these forums. Being the autonomous body (Corporation) the management should learn to take the additional responsibility to solve the issues & problems immediately like other corporations. Moreover, the management failed to maintain equity & Justice to students with in the college. It is also noted that the students not selected full scholarship by one mark has to pay high amount of tuition fees & where as the students who got less marks & not selected Private Self funding in the year 2011 has got chance in 2012 as full scholarship while registered again. If such problems arise, the Director should put a note explaining in details to Vice Chancellor, RUB for further discussion. The same problems should not be repeated in future.
    And also above 97% of the students had fails in HRM & there seems to be a lot of disputes arise between lecturers & students. Despite several complaints raised by students the Director and Dean are seemed to be bother less & they never wants to solve the problems.



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    The lecturer which makes to fail 97 % of students ‘in HRM in order to collect money from back papers is very sad and in our so called GNH society such things happening is very shameful. We need to do something collectively on this issue.

    Please release my post.



    Dear Science:

    It is important that you know the reality before trying to refute what students who have seen reality have expressed. They feel that they have been underevaluated deliberately because they know they did well in that module. They have written everything that was taught to them.

    You are trying refute them because you are not into it. You are just one by yourself against majority and you are not helping to improve the quality of education and students as well. Students know the fact and they have reason to talk about it. We should try to dig out the fact and help them solve the problem so that there will be no misunderstanding among students, tutors and management.



    I could say that the lecturers who checked the HRM papers awarded very poor marks & makes students fails in order to collect Nu.6800 from back papers. If HRM lecturers checks fairly manner & awarded marks like other subjects lecturer, I am sure 50% of the students will be get through the HRM exam papers.



    So if 97% of the students fail especially only in HRM subject then it’s the fault of the lecturers & they are held responsible for the academically poor performance.

    Concerned HRM lecturers should be punished for such lapses by withholding annual increment etc as per performance based incentives system of corporation. Please post my suggestion.



    I have observed that in such a situation, Higher Authority of the college must be morally responsible and asked his/her concerned HRM lecturers to justify why the students had performed very poor especially only in HRM?



    Gaeddu College of Business Studies has deliberately failed good number of students in HRM to create sources of fund- a policy to suck blood from poor parents. This was all happened due to inexperience lecturers which seem to be very difficult to explain the relevant topics in details to students.



    Dear students please don’t be worry. Only from 1st July 2013, the colleges under Royal University of Bhutan are going to collect Nu.6800.00 per subject from the back papers. From now onwards please study hard & obtained a very good marks to make your parent proud.



    How did u know this…is it through any media or official notification.if it is through official documentation, then it should be told to the students of the university of Bhutan not to pay for this semester at least……..



    Criticizing the students for poor performance in HRM subjects in exam to say is easy but in reality the lecturers themselves are seems to be not expert in HRM & they find it very difficult to explain in details, so 97% of the students failed in HRM



    yes i agree with what the students are saying,,, i have also suffered like them and lecturer are always trying to make us fail and i dont know the reason why?
    Its OK for those students who are doing three years course but those who are doing four year course are really suffering and we can see lots of student who are in 5 or 6 year stay in college. Management are changing the rules by themselves in order to benefit some people which they are closely related in which other are suffering. After all management does not give any support to those who have done 4 years course though they reluctantly keep us saying that we are given honors degree.. Poor management leads to more corruption. They made us failed so that they can take lots of stipends of failed students were they say we are not entitled but they are actually receiving it.. As a result of that we all could see deans are having expensive cars like Tucsons..


    sonam t wangchuk

    don’t worry failure is a key to success…haha



    Yes but study hard & obtained a excellent results.

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