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    It is really great idea !
    However, have you guys done adequate home work (research) so that security and process aspects are not over-looked? Going paperless is ultimate dream for any organization, be it small, medium, big, government, private, NGOs, however, proper studies need to be conducted and come up with proper impact analysis and comprehensive way forward to roll this great dream. Yes, I am also really concerned on amount of paper we really waste despite having to import using our limited/ precious hard currencies. Let me also bring forward few areas where I fell that we are really wasting papers, but can be avoided:

    1) Job Application forms – See the bunch of paper our job seeker load to where there is vacancies. Do you know from where these papers coming from mostly – Government and Corporate offices. My recent experience at DGPC where job seekers (including job hoppers) in long queue unloading in turn bunch of papers to DGPC. God knows where they will keep and where they were keeping past loads. It is really a waste. Our think Tanks should do something.

    2) TA/DA forms/reports – In most organization in paper form except I believe that DGPC (THP, BHP, KHP, DHPC) are paperless as they are using ERP system. Why not other organizations look at DGPC and do similar ways. If theyr doing it should work in other organization too.

    3) Promotion, training, transfer, separation process – these processes are another paper eating monster. ThinkTanks should look at these areas closely.
    4) Land transaction – This is another paper consuming factor. We should do something with maturity of IT facility we can do a lot.
    5) Clearances – Requirements of clearances from RAA, Pension Board, Financial Institutions, utility agencies are another process intense and paper consumer which can be easily deliver online like security clearance.

    Like wise there are several areas where our thinkTanks should do more research rather than doing for the sake of doing and publicity.

    For example, let me share my wild idea for job seeker application forms:
    1) Government should come up with national database or explore using the census/ citizen database we already have. The applicants should be able to register online for any vacancy. If candidate is applying for the first time, she/he need to upload entire documents. However, when the applicants come for the repeated submissions, the applicant should be asked to submit only the update. Entire previous information should be made available online from centralized database (similar to UN job portal).
    2) Employing agency should be able to extract/shortlist based on the information already supplied by jobseekers online. Notifications are sent to those shortlisted candidates only requiring to produce original document during their appearance for test and/or interview.

    Adopting above, concept will not only safe paper, but eliminate inconvenience of carrying paper and dumping where ever you.

    Sorry just a wild idea – snack for thought for ThinkTanks.




    I doubt on your dream of going paperless. See ECB website was done when it is required the most see election results. The culprit seem to be ever sinking BT services.

    You should wake up this BT. They are failing in all respect. Since almost all our services need to route through their network government dream of going paperless will be far unreaching dream.

    concerned citizen.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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