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    There are four serious patient in the hospital.They are
    1. Full kira,
    2. koma
    3. kera (belt)
    4. Wonju
    The Koma , kera and wonju are almost dead and the full kira is lying half dead as its upper part is cut off from the lower part.Now to the save the full kira ,we need to save the koma , kera and the wonju from turning them into the ashes .Since they are almost on the way to the cremation ground.Therefore let us join our hand and save the national dress of the Bhutanese women and the tradition of our country.It is still in our hand and we can save it.Let the full kira along with the kera,wonju and koma and give them their life back.
    Soon our younger generation women may not know what is kera,koma and wonju.They are almost vanished now
    Please remember that women in Bhutan are competing with the men and now are becoming MPs, NCs, Dashos, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Directors, gups, Tshokpas and so on. We are almost equal with men but when it comes to our tradition, we are lacking thousand steps behind men
    So let us compete with the men to make it 100%.



    Mr. Ngawang don’t bring such issues in the 21st century forum. No one will listen to your voice. This will rather bring some kind of bulky pressure on the necks of our present generation. You should accept the fact “DEU NAM MAJUR MINAM JUR”. Things happen with the change of the needs of people. If they find comfortable walking naked in the street, we must accept now.



    Yes people talk about preserving our tradition and culture. Those people who love to wear half kiras may oppose to what the author has suggested but I am with the author. I am certain that almost all of us might have watched BBS anchor, one of them is always seen with her full kira and I say she is a vibrant living example to our Bhutanese ladies.



    mr/mrs ngawang, do you want to go back to primitive period. We must change. Taking care of customs, traditions, cultures, etc doesnt mean we must eat in the bangchung or a rag of cloth piece. It means adapting, assimilating or hybridization. There are choice now. we are moving forward, so we must adapt it.



    @ Ngawang. It is better to let them die than resuscitating . They are old and living for centuries. Time has come to let them have peaceful death and be reborn as new creature. I did not like at all about your rationale behind your agenda. You sound men and women are two great enemies..



    Other than religion of idolatry, all that are old seem more descent and comely. Lets preserve them but not under compulsion of rules/orders. Let it be through appreciation of the intrinsic values attached to every item…



    @ NGAWANG , the way you described about the keraa, koma tego and wonju dying off sounds very blod and beautiful but sorry to say that many women or of course men too will not like the points because just by modifying the national dress of women won’t change the women into men wai” or you trying to say you don’t like changes?? well if things have to remain as old as it used to be then are you trying to say no women in politics too??? or no cooking in the gas and cook in the fire wood??/ then yes in olden days men didn’t wear the proper frienche oops I mean under wear and none of any men and women wore slippers too, there fore what say my dear friend I think it’s time we accept some things as long as it doesn’t harm us or disgrace us, forget it la and oh yes as ar as tradition is concerned don’t you worry ” and no offence”’



    Please do not take it seriously. This is just a suggestion not a law where people are forced to follow it. It is up to the people to take it positively or not.
    I accept this “DEU NAM MAJUR MINAM JUR” because today people make commitment saying, I will do this, that and all for our country and the next day the same person will run away if he or she is asked to take action. This is all happening because there is JURWA in MINAM.
    And I don’t mean that men and women are enemies. I am just giving the very best living example in our country with a hope that the example might make some changes in our country, not to offend anyone who is not interested in the full kira.
    It is very sad to know that instead of suggesting a way to improve our culture, people are suggesting letting our culture vanish away.
    There are certain things which are possible and not possible for us to go back to the primitive ages as mention
    1. We can wear our national dress even in this modern world.
    2. We cannot walk bare foot
    3. Cooking on a fire is possible but government want to preserve the forest in Bhutan
    4. And when it comes to men not wearing a underwear I don’t think it is possible hahaha.
    If a unpopular simple person sits down without a underwear, people will just say poor man is not wearing a under wear but if a very popular,famous person sits down without a underwear,hanging everything down, then that will become a hottest news everywhere like in facebook,kuensel online forum and so on
    So I just suggest you all to give a good suggestion to improve it instead of discouraging it. And I feel this forum is not only to insult people and pull down their legs. This is the best place where we can discuss to improve things happening in our country.



    well dear Nawang well said I don’t know about the others but where as me I am wearing all the remixed national dress not because I don’t want to but because I cannot afford to by komas keras and the ful keera too”how ever no offence”



    @nawang,, are you alright? from your emotional and aggressive stand on koma, kira, now you have shifted your focus on the hanging thing..dont you think you need a consultation?

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