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    How is our DPT Government functioning?. Please comment your suggestion/views frankly so as to further improve our system in the future.

    We are thankful to DPT supporters, due to your supports our party had won in 2008 election by vast majority.



    DPT supporters from Trashigang Dzongkhag are very sad to hear the court verdict but any way we are hopeful that our two Ministers would still get chance to contest for upcoming election 2013.



    DPT sucked. I made a great mistake by giving votes in 2008. Now we should bid you a bad farewell. Why you have to ask for suggestions from people when all nonsense done by you lay naked in front of everybody?



    I would rate the performance of DPT government as very poor. Very few doers. Good for talking with no results. But then what more can we expect from old wine in new bottles.



    DPT wish you all the best for upcoming election. You did it well and your initiative taken for the country’s development in line with GNH is being appreciated yet, 2 ministers’ aspirants for next election are horror. They are being charged for criminal and if they are allowed to contrast, DPT government should expect negative vote. If 2 ministers’ are part of DPT government than will you vote for the party? Comment.



    DPT tried their best some foolish some worth. Worth are regularizing security clearance which public should acknowledge and foolish was tobacco Act and Pedestrian Day. The foolish initiatives made the whole nation panicked, brought discretion and even spoiled some people landing in the prison for just consuming tobacco. Pedestrian another big problem for the whole nation, don’t know how many business organization incurred into losses when country is going through the economic crisis. Asking working mothers from home was silly decision which they did not realize how nurses and teachers would work from home. DPT was too ambitious, they soon forgot that they are there to serve the people, but rather started imposing troubles. At the end of their period they worried about counting their achievements. It is definite that we need a change. But the worry is that is there other political party who would compete them? We are in need of new government and lets see. Leaders should be selfless, hard working, intelligent and diplomatic. Best of luck to the new government!



    Well,,D P T now to me means ( deadly poison trrigered ) I am very sure every one is aware now of how sad for the rest of the members of dpt, but too bad they have proved unworthy of themselves,



    DPT just maintained the status quo and nothing more. They tired to do too much but in waste. Rupee crisis and a huge loan, which is no good for us. They did not bring anything new apart from yes doing on NOC which is patriotic? I do not know.
    They have ran out of good ideas and are now talking about morality although most of their leaders including their vice president is under the cloud of allegation of land grab. I had lots of hope from them but they could not even create a single new gewog for equity! in spite of their brute majority. This is a lost opportunity. We will never have such majority in future.
    So I also expect change now. We are feed up with our our old ministers although wise!



    DPT government had tried their level best and even almost all the promised made to public are fulfilled but they have failed in following grounds for the civil servant:
    1. DPT government couldn’t hike the DSA Nu.300.00 for the lower level servant and Nu.4 for mileage. where there is no hotel rooms of nu.300.00. and there is no two wheeler driving and it’s impossible to reach the destination with driving of two wheeler.
    2. DPT has made a changes in BCSR and they are failed in chapter 10. BCSR sub-clause where is their mission and vision of DPT “Equal and Justice’.
    3. DPT government ruling term over and the contract term of Gynecological in dewathang and pemagatshel hospital also over. what a dirty politic?
    4.RCSC has approved the degree program for the in-service civil service at CNR , lobesa but they have failed to introduce such a program for the diploma holders from the RIM.

    so many things are coming in my mind but RCSC chairperson need to review the chapter 10.BCSR, if you think that you cannot do that one, better to give a chance to capable person……………….



    It just failed n its function is personal n 4 their benifits n ultimate sufferer r public



    In my opinion i think they did function satisfactorily.Anybody in their position would have fared that much only. If it was for new comers they would have taken some time to gain experience and there were chances of bigger mistakes.But after this 5 years of time all parties are matured and gained necessary i feel all parties r equally good.



    There isn’t much to comment on the performance of DPT as they just followed the regular policies.
    But fortunately or unfortunately, DPT will be remembered for the following 5 things in 5 years:
    1. A strong gale of wind that destroyed the Eastern region.
    2. The Bumthang Fire hazard
    3. Trongsa Dzong Fire
    4. IC crisis
    5. Gyalposhing Land scam,

    Did we have to bear the consequences of DPT’s act of evoking the devil???



    We should not be judging Government with narrow minds. DPT has done a lot. A Half filled glass should not be called HALF EMPTY…only pessimists say so. It should be said HALF FILLED. DPT government has achieved almost 100% of what has been promised. So almost up to the brim and they have done it. I know that no government will be able to fulfill individual’s deeds and desires. Look 5 years back, 10 years ahead then bow your head down to analyse DPT’s actions and achievements. Some of DPT govt’s actions are for long terms benefits of our country. For me, I doubt if the next govt. (if not DPT) will be able to show to the nation as much achievements as the present govt. has shown.

    I highly appreciate DPT govt. for leading our country with wisdom for last five years.



    Thanks DPT for leading the government for 5 years. Being in power has to risk with ambitious mega projects and also deal with rupee crunch in order to please the people’s wants.
    although significantly proven that Bhutan can have democratic form of government and DPT being the first ruling party.
    Millions of wishes and hope DPT wins the 2013 election.



    If next government is ruled by other than DPT, I think our country and people would be in the state of mad dogs. I am sure today is DPT is doing what we ask , other than that no experts ruler can function.

    So as being human we should be able to think and appreciate rather than finding faults to them. This is my sincere suggestions.



    DPT is my favorite party among all…(2). i will support in DPT in next election cuz Prime MINISTER is from my constituency. I LOVE YOU Prime minister JIGME Y THINLEY…….



    DPT has done their share, besides unfortunate incidents and I am now waiting for a government with a lady leader



    DPT is going to lose two experienced popular Ministers from Trashi gang consistency during the upcoming election 2013.



    In first election I voted to DPT based on capability of DPT president LJYT. Now in coming election I & my family will be voting to right candidate based on his/her capabilities that are willing to help the poor people.



    I also feel that it is not good to be ruled by one party for 2 terms at a stretch. 10 years is a long time. Also if one party keeps on coming to power, it will create power balance leading to authoritarian style of govt. and also corruption can become more rampant. This is already apparent in the country 45=2! That will be no good for democracy. It is neither equity nor justice.
    So this time we hope to see if possible a new party to come to power for a change. Let us hope to see completely new sets of Ministers with broad mind and new ideas. That will be like a fresh air for Bhutan after many years of same rule. This is my genuine personal feeling and no offense to any one including DPT who has so far tried and gave their best in spite of many hurdles and limitations.
    It also is sad that some people are still joining DPT instead of leading new parties. They already have enough experienced Ministers. Are they only aiming for winning and nothing else?  If they feel they are capable and of course they are, and if they have self belief and genuine feeling for the country and the people they should join other parties which are finding difficulty in getting candidates or leaders to lead. If the rumor is true then they will only strengthen and perpetuate the rule of same people which many may not like. For good of the country we need good leaders with values and those who knows about karmic actions in true sense.



    We have nothing to suggest for other MPs but few of them who are not contesting for next election are the
    ones who really kept our constituency intentionally behind without any improvement in our village and too even if they are willing to do they will not get 100% sure.

    On top of that we didn’t find any improvement or achievements in his range of five years in the position of MP. Now i don’t think that people will blindly vote for some of DPT’s members even though they like “prime minister”.



    My dear voter and people of Bhutan

    Please don’t consider electing government is plateform for trail and error. We should think a lot before cast your vote. Always think for 20 Dzongkhags befinite, than Geogs and village so on. Never ever personalize. We can demolish country situation within a minute BUT takes century to shape it. So dont apply ‘sharing is loving’ here. If country is in peace and stable,we will have the same. Just suggestion.


    Kuchey Wai

    There will be no better option than DPT. DPT has done a lot in the last five years. A few mistakes are bound to happen but overall DPT’s performance was much better than we expected. Go DPT go and keep up the good work. My whole family’s votes are guaranteed to you.



    Ya some 1 is rite v should appreciate rther dan finding fault bt if v dont find da fault or show dem where they lack how cud same government rule next tym.dey ll keep on doing da same mistake n ultimately da people at grass root ll suffer.



    DPT actually tried their best. They even over spent, more than the govt in the past. However, due to many unforeseen natural disasters that occurred during DPT’s tenure, the outcome of their effort was nullified by manifold. We should appreciate their efforts. Was it a sheer coincidence that so many natural calamities happened during last five years or something went wrong with us?

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