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    I would like to get clarification from you all, if finance people can suggest me the fact on some of finance policies in our country.
    Since, civil servants ( low graded ) get rarely opportunity to attend training/meeting/workshops once in a blue moon, at our regional level. Sometime, venue fall at Thimphu,where the living standard is too high for people like us, very low income earner’s. Over that if we don’t attend such training then again high chances for us to stuck on our promotion etc. By anyhow we have to attend. Though office order comes on very standard format with full of our own official logo’s and heads sign, stating with technical and financial assistance from like FAO, GoI, UNO, organizing for 5days/3days from date 3rd-8th Dec 2011 etc. Exampl, in such cases we low graded people have to reach Thimphu on date 2nd Dec evening itself and have to book hotel from that 2nd day itself tell our training gets over, if we attend training for 5days we have stay at hotel for 6-7days. Like that we almost have to invest around 8-10 thousand’s including Fooding & Lodging to Hotelier’s at the Final Day of our Training. But, at last day of training, what our Head of Agency say’s is that, you all have to claim your TADA/DA from your parenting office and from tomorrow you have to join your office. Now, we have to rush to our parenting office, some time it may be a whole day journey from Thimphu, on that case even we have to reserve Taxi’s if we don’t get tickets, like that we invest almost 12-15 thousand’s of total.
    After joining we claim DA/TADA but what our Account Heads usually say’s that, no budget, but they don’t back up still they will say they will manage next month, like wise year passes, and finally they will say; Financial Year Budget has been closed, so u can’t get.
    Actually Financials being fully assisted by outside country organization,but how it is included into our Financial Year Budget, if not where is that Training budget is draining, since trainer have signed as per the number’s of days they have attended the training. And is it legal to take away all the budget by hosting Agency, which is actually being given by the outside organization for training purpose?
    This post being made based on the fact, which i faced. Since, till now i don’t have idea where the budget has been turned. Any financial background people can suggest……..

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