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Illegal hideouts in Thimphu

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    maha guru

    Illegal activities carried out in Thimphu without the notice of concerned authorities:

    1. Illegally employed young girls/boys from outside employed by some people in Thimphu,
    2. Some house owners have rented out basements to tenants which is against the house occupancy rule.
    Basements should be used as storage only for safety reasons.



    How you know they are illegal?


    maha guru

    This will be known through a search and investigation by the concerned authorities. People (migrant or immigrant= non-Bhutanese) staying or working for years without proper document in a country are illegal hideouts. Keeping of illegal employees at homes, I guess is quite rampant practice esp. with business people in Thimphu, P/Ling and S/Jong.

    Example, if you want to travel to countries other than India, you need VISA. Otherwise, you cannot even step in.

    The concerned authorities are alerted for the sake of Bhutanese people’s safety and security.



    Your description is very general. I don’t know what you want to convey here.
    But one question. I am sure you have been to India.

    Do you apply for an Indian permit or visa when you travel or stay in India?



    Our Adviser or Advisor is advising us implicitly that we should also allow Indians to come freely and work in Bhutan. Are you trying to imply that since Bhutanese do not have to apply for travel visa or permit when going to India, we should on a reciprocal basis allow Indian to come to Bhutan freely and perhaps even work? Please clarify.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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