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INR situation: not encouraging

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    As per the kuensel we have new high loan amounting to Rs 17.2 billion as of now. Why are we not slowing down on the hydro projects if it is approaching critical stage?
    At this juncture, restricting the INR demand for import of raw materials for industries will prove futile, atleast most industries are earning either hard currency or INR through export of the finished products. It is of great help to the exchequer.
    Are we headed the right direction? I am sure Govt must have logic in not interfering or not commenting much so far and saying it is not a crisis. Govt says, try to icrease export to earn INR, if we take the current example of the mandarin export management, its not so encouraging. The prices are at its lowest, what aspirations will the growers have? We need to take some positive steps and only the Govt can do it. There may be many other fields which needs to be addressed, are we doing enough?



    To share little from my part on INR crisis, even if we launch such mega hydro projects for our future sustain why our govt. make policies of retaining 30% of the project cost here in our country. Things that our people can provide to the project contractors are also meet from their country. Keep aside those we don’t have here, but like engaging machines, trucks, boulder quarries, cements, housings and even groceries items were brought from India. The amount we borrowed from them goes 90% back. Also coming to export, of course I do believe but very difficult while coming to market competition as well as market situation. There are many ways to be explored but needs to have collective views from many.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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