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Internet banking & frequent password changes too hectic for both

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    Banks in Bhutan may be thinking that making its Clients to change internet banking password change after every 03 months is securing frauds. But on contrary it is adding lots of work to the internet banking unit and failing to comply to queries as clients can not manage password changes so frequently. This may lose the trust of the Banks in providing services.

    In the days of passwords imagine how many passwords may be managing by one person. I as a Client I particularly feel so much hassle with Banks in Bhutan imposing to change passwords so frequently. Then again there are so many conditions such as use lower case, upper case, special character and number. Changing a password is a real nightmare spending at least 30 minutes when it is finally accepted by the system. Then this password have to be stored somewhere for future retrieval. Here is the danger contrary to safety. I thought of closing the bank account simply for this hassle.

    No international banks impose its clients to change the password once created. It is left to the individual to manage its own password. This is kept that way simply to save cost responding to clients on passwords. This means lot of cost savings.

    So Banks in Bhutan, please remove your condition to change the password after every 03 months.

    Hope management takes this seriously.



    yah…it will be releaving for internet banking users for sure if these conditions are removed…they should be doing something about it…



    I totally agree with the author that it is very frustrating for requiring to change the password frequently and it becomes worse when changing process doesn’t run smoothly. it sometimes creates much anxiety to the clients. I had an incident(with BOB) where i am not able to change my password despite following exactly instructions. it has led me become suspicious that something has gone gravely wrong. I really don’t understand the motive behind having to change frequently because as author said banks outside the country do not require to do so and still is very safe. It would really be a customer oriented service if the management could acquire such technology to remove unnecessary harassment for the clients. there is a big difference between providing services and customer friendly services.



    Seems not many people are using internet Banking! I see no expressions pouring into this subject. Come on. pressure the banks to improve their services.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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