Is National Housing Development Corporation Ltd. losing to focus their motive?

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    I have my opinion that some owners of NHDCL (National Housing Development Corporation Ltd.) remain disloyal to their promise made for the vacancy. I am not against any of such site nor am I trying to blame on them. But want to know why are some of such site have a lack of guarantee of providing employees a better environment i.e. both physically or emotionally. So far I have come under my observance that some of the owners first welcome their employees saying to do a better performance then later they try to be partial with a senseless reasons. The ones who give full effort and work sincerely are not recognized. Whereas those who are doing nothing but simply pleasing their superior in several ways are always trusted and credited. So the question goes to these owners of a housing construction sites that why are you lacking accountability to recognize such employees who put their heart and soul with hardly few luxurious time spent for personal and other relevant purpose. Even with complains of this situation forwarded to a senior officials, they don’t seem to understand about it. I have a better hope for Anti-Corruption team to look forward this matter and take immediate action. As we are living in a corruption free country, I think that this approach might help one way or another for eradicating corruption.


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    More than that i am concerned, in the construction sites that employees also do private work rather that focus on their office duty and also useless gossips and fruitless meetings.


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    Not all employees are just like what you’ve mentioned before. There are those who may be in financial need as some of them might have their problems related to their living or other major reasons. They may be putting their sweat to earn and what about those people? I dont mean that all employees are worth doing their jobs sincerely as some might be cheating and not involving in action. I only mean for those hardworking fellows who deserve their reward and its the job of officials to recognize who is punctual and who is not. Well observation should be made based on performance, not based on a physical a physical attraction or other meaningless impression. There should also be a right supervisor be eligible based on their performance because nowadays there are many of them in some working environment where they only try to show off their post regardless their punctuality. Those who follow under this category will definitely know it. So we need well educated supervisor with their ability to understand the day to day affairs of a site.



    Thanks for the information about the housing department.

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