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JYT’s resignation – a loss for the country

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    A dynamic and loyalist leader’s resignation is a big loss for the country.Soon or later, Bhutan will feel his absence. So far he was so engrossed in nation building through personal and family sacrifices. Now he will be a free man to utilize his expertise for self interest since the nation does not want his service any more. May he fulfills all his wishes and shine once again in the international arena as a pvt. individual.



    It is surprising to see when the world recognizes him and a small dot, bhutan rejects him… Good luck you excellency. You will always do well. You have to show Bhutan that you can do it la… Many know that you can but there are few who thinks there are other too which is not true.


    Druk Norb

    Sir JYT’s resignation is really a loss to be felt by the larger section of Bhutanese due to vested rights of the few powerful individuals in the long years to come. It is really depressing to learn Bhutan losing a very dedicated, loyal and proven charismatic leader of our time. And it is most embarrassing moment for Bhutanese to let man of such caliber go in vain when country is in such a trying plight. Sir JYT’s resignation also foreshadows the need to be abided with changing infernos and hick ups of the ways the world works and so does Bhutan. It is also an indication that integrity, dedication, loyalty and farsightedness have no consecutive caliber /room to shine in our landlocked country. It is verbosity, power and money that will enrapture the way world is governed and show cased, and for that matter in Bhutan too. Nowadays it is tale tell sign to see so many people/politicians always making contradictory remarks and conclusion in their day to day interaction and schedules. These leave us in a confused and bewildering atmosphere. From the ways the hypes and cries are being thrown by people across the sections about Sir JYT’s resignation is indication that loss of his presence will be felt not in the long run but is being felt immediate and now.
    whatsoever Hope Sir JYT ‘s resignation will put off the flame of raging powerful and nepotistic politicians and blaring medias(responsible ones) but not the fire of ones who are hardworking, dedicated , loyal, trust worthy and patriotic citizens of the country.
    I salute you and your contribution to this beautiful nation. I longed to live ripe enough to tell the stories about a man called Sir JYT to my children and grand children and even great grandchildren.
    Long Live Sir JYT. Long Live the King and Long live the Country.



    Any civil servant discontinuing his/her service to the nation will somehow be a loss because no other person will perform like him/her. Each one will have a different potential and different ways of doing things. So, it is not much a worry whoever comes and goes. As a matter of fact, a new face is always preferred by the mass.


    soi rigpa

    Indeed, it is very sad to loose such a dynamic and charismatic leader like JYT. He can never be replaced and therefore, a big loss to Bhutan as well as to SAARC. However, the turn of events during the election forced him to take this action which is only befitting his position as the President of the party to express his frustration and disappointment on the accountable Institutions.

    May be, this is a blessing in disguise for JYT to freedom from all the National tensions and opportunity to relax and enjoy private peace and happiness with his family and friends eternally.

    Thank you Hon’ble JYT for all you have done for this country in your entire service carrier. I will always cherish this era.

    I wish you all the best thing in the World and God Bless You.

    Tashi Deley!



    Wai..sincerely i must say JYT is not true son of Bhutan yea…reason????? why he resign ? any reason? or is he only after high post ?????? can’t understand ????



    The ex-Lyonchen has such a capacity that can contribute to the mankind of the universe. Bhutan is too small a country for a genius person like him. Wish you all the best.



    The ending is not good. He should have stayed on but …..selfish? ego problem? He decided. What can we do? But to lament and rue? I think not. We have enough good people to go on.



    it is good he has resigned from the politics or else he would have walked out with few more public properties! and also he has contested to win…so he couldnt accept the defeat……so irresponsible person!


    so so


    What public properties are you talking about and JYT resigned because he was not wanted and also everyone knows how PDP stole the elections.



    It is a loss but on the other hand it is not a loss but a gain to the country. Gain means JYT will be invited by many international organizations as a consultant to their project. He can make lot of contribution and in this way he can serve Tsawasum indirectly or directly. So we should be happy.
    By his exit Pemajamtsho has got leadership of DPT, otherwise there is no chance for younger and brighter generation of DPT. JYT worked as Zonal administrator, Home Minister, Foreign Minister, PM before 2008 and then as PM for DPT Government in total for the last 25-30 years. I think his tenure is more than OK mena.



    Indeed great loss. We can’t do nothing over the spilled milk now. For sure some portion those who knew about JYT very well can say that it will be rare in Bhutan to have dynamic inborn leader like him. It will be hard and rare to produce such person like JYT. May be some can argue with me that now we have enough intellectuals who can be at par the caliber of JYT to replace him. But given the opportunity will they be able to perform like him. We can’t do practice on the matter which deals with nation’s interest. If you make blunder, you put the risk on the nations.

    Some day or other there is chance that we would realize the need of such leader. By then it will be of no use.



    JYT is the true son uf sharchops,,,,,,,,,,,,, had dere be no such man easterners must hv have been left stil in de mediaval period..Thank you, JYT, the icon uf sharchops…. u ll never be forgotten…..we will misss u heafter…may u rest in peace……



    Many hero will become zero if they are used to with their success. Hero will will never accept defeat and in real life, they will be forgotten like a piece of rag. JYT has served our country and have been rewarded with profound wealth. So let him rest in peace. Many JYT will come and go, perhaps even better and humble.


    Rigzin K

    loss for our country??? You gotta be joking!! Maybe loss for corrupt people only. For most of us it is “good riddance to bad rubbish. No one is indispensable to the country, least of all the almost-dictator JYT who was there for only a few supporters and relatives.



    wai whoever against JYT must be writing with integrity and not out of you whims and fancies.. We will surely realize one day in future but by then it will be too late…..



    A new chapter in governance begins in Bhutan. Time for change and a new watershed for Bhutan.


    so so

    rigzin K,

    I think you were not even born to know about what JYT has contributed to the nation, so please stop being petty.

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