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    Being a frequent visitor to this forum with seldom posts. I felt eager to gather for myself some or few opinions of general public on the circumstance I’m currently deciding to.
    I have given some 6 figures amount to one lady of Phuntsholing, on agreement of 5% monthly for 6months. which it expiries on December 13 2012. She has other private loans to different individuals which would total to about 10lakhs. She has been reasoning for not being able to return and postponding dates. She has suddenly disappeared without trace and contacts r offline. The confusion and faint believe and trust is on our police and judiciary. Should I rely on them? will we get support and help? What does the laws partake of?god bless us all



    you Send her the demand of payment and if she don’t response to your demand of payment then you may take her to court with all the relevant legal document (like your agreement which is duly signed on the legal stamp in the presence of wittiness for both of you…



    dear good citizen of our country,,,,,it is always better to be alert on such matters approach the law at the earliest and in the mean time hire some people to watch her and also keep some of her id copies you never know how people are these days and wish you all the best la,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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