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    I am sure this Port would first come to a moderator, so I write this to KOL Moderator.

    Dear Moderator(s),

    It is very nice of Kuensel to come up with such a forum, but I believe forum is a place where the members are given are the freedom to put out their own opinion. I wonder why most of the posts in the forum and other pages are marked “Comment is awaiting moderation. ”

    If this is the case then, moderator have the choice to remove, edit or add upon a members’ personal opinion
    violating the Freedom of Speech. I am not sure but the posts, if had to go under consideration by moderators, then it should be fast and quick, since the posts are well discussed when it is fresh and hot discussed. Now being less number of moderators and huge number of members is the excuse, then please note that, this is unacceptable. I would simply say don’t do what you can’t.

    I know this post of mine would not be posted in the forum, but I write this for officials concerned as my personal opinion and how frustrated one becomes when the post is being on wait list.




    Please have some patience, the moderator got to show that he is doing something and also he must be having some vague instructions to censor or edit some informations. So please give him his due also. Its good that the opinion is posted, not sure whether its originality is maintained though.
    No hard feelings anyway lah. This practise is there to stay, I guess. Cheers!



    CNG, Thank you. I know he/she (the moderator) is compelled to do so, but do they have right to play with personal opinion of any member or person? The edition of the posts, forum topics totally changes the meaning and the message a member wants to convey it to readers. Anyways, it your court (KOL) so play the game as you want. But once the ball will be in member’s court, so shall it be on their way to play the ball.




    What do you mean by freedom of speech? We are bound by number of obligations; social and political. Freedom too has a decree.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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