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    Photo of the Literary Page of the ToI - School Is Cool.

    There was a time in the late 1990s when a week without “Kuensel” as your companion was a day wasted. Gone are those day when I, we, would hover around Chamkhar town for a copy of the weekly Kuensel.
    Kuensel, Bhutan’s national newspaper has undergone revolutionary changes since then, at the cost of its popularity though. I would have a look at some of the copies of its Sunday magazines (Sorry, I cannot call up the name). Initially, it stirred up a lot of expectations in me. But gradually I lost interest somehow. Besides the photos and the accompanying interviews of some of the toppers of the Board Examinations, I expected a lot more regarding the goings-on in schools across the country.
    During my recent, summer trip to Kolkata, my daughter handed me a copy of the very popular, weekly newspaper (the photo is attached herein). The students of their school get such copies of the paper every now and then. I couldn’t help thinking of “Kuensel”, having glanced through the copy. How nice it will be if “Kuensel” starts featuring such articles about the various academic and co-curricular activities going on in schools across the country!
    It will not only encourage and motivate the students but also my fellow brethren of the noble profession. The whole nation may sit up and say: Kudos to Kuensel for keeping us informed and updated about our beloved schools, the very breeding ground of the Future of the Nation.

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