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Many Members of Parliament (MPs) seen in Mongar Court

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    Dalim Koti

    We are fully confused as to why so many Members of Parliament (MPs) are seen frequently these days in the Mongar Courts. We common people are really wondering on the influx of MPs in their japan-made prados and shining patangs in the reecent days. Some attribute the reasons to the new election that is coming up and most of them are gradually turning to their mother vote banks after many years. Other atrribute the reason that MPs might have come to discuss the agenda for the upcoming parliament session which is the final assemly session of this Government. But had they come to discuss the problems with the people, they could be spending time with the common people in the villages.

    However, our MPs are seen more in the courts with one or two VIPs who are alleged to have been involved in the Gyalpoizing land scandal. Some wonder whether they have come to host the alleged VIPs in Mongar town; others wonder whether they have come to defend the case; still others wonder that they might have come to give moral support to the two members of the MPs.

    Flock of MPs before the VIP comes in and escorting him to a certain point (we do not know till where). It could be perhaps moral support and sign of solidarity to the two accused MPs. It is okay. But how ethical is it? Yesterday, Dawa hosted a BBS program wherein some people raised on the ethical issues of few cases and one driver said that rules are applied differently to different level of people (he was referring that the way police deals with a person in the prado is different than the other who drives a maruti car or taxi. Ofcourse, we know, everyone will be dealt as per law in this case. But why such a solidarity is required in this case – we are confused.

    Remember, in the recent case in India, BARS are thinking to disallow their lawyers to defend cases which are not ethical. I feel MPs must show good examples. They are the creater of laws. If they can, they should also come to the support of the common people in the same way.

    This case is okay. It is happening for the first time in the country especially at the VIP level and after the democratic government came into power, But in the future, who knows many cases might come; some are yet to be revealed further and some are under process by the ACC. The main question is, “Should MPs show solidarity with the accused in the future” Does it look ethical if they do?. Should they not be seen neutral as the representative of the highest law making body.

    I am not back biting at any one. But, I would like to just pose the above questions. May be Dawa could host a BBS forum on similar ethical issues in the future. Because, we are confused smetimes. For example, “Should we allow lawyers to defend a person who is accused of horrible crime” Is it ethical? I am not against law. But, is it ethical ??//



    I support author, a good observation,I was also surprised .Secondly, Police officer/duty was seen carrying bag/patang/Kabney of the VIP in public place. He is for security and supposed to protect VIP ,I mean not a porter.
    Therefore, I would like to request Chief of Police to kindly instruct police force on VIP security duty NOT to carry bag/files/patang & kabney.


    Smart Boy

    I feel it is of utmost against the law of the kingdom. I too feel recent visit of the MPs to said venue is to support their so called” Big Boss”-the other two MPs from there. But remember that such support is against their jurisdiction which they them-self voiced during the parliament session. I too have seen the discussion that they make during the parliament on-behalf of their people is of their own so called”cooked story” by putting the names of their people because I have never seen discussing the agendas with their people before they go to attend the parliament session. So I too feel Mr.Dawa from BBS need to host such forum as you are best programmer and are liked by all we people.



    A very pertinent issue raised by the author and the comments are apt and true. I only feel Dawa was a good moderator once, is he still..??? My personal opinion only



    My suggestion folks…lets change all the MPs. Lets teach them lesson right from the begining that we dont tolerate selfish MPs. We dont tolerate show offs with their prados and patangs. They are supposed to be serving us and not demand our money. This will be lesson for future MPs to show that Bhutanese are smart enough and that we cannot be fooled.



    I feel sorry to know that the policemen are assigned to carry pata, bag and kabney by our VIPs disrespecting their services for security system. It is a high time we use our wisdom to know and respect the people’s dignity irrespective of the posts. This is not only with the VIPs, I find the similar cases in every government, public or private agencies that bosses assign a kind of wholesome task as they wish to their subordinates.

    Anyway what is the purpose of wearing pata by our modern politicians? I believe those patas are once upon a time used by our gladiator rulers and they had a purpose during those days. But why they have to wear now? In fact those patas should now be seen in the museums only.



    This is an attempt by the current ruling govt. to show their solidarity to their colleagues in trouble not knowing that by doing this they are abusing their power as well as trying to influence the out come of the case. This is neither equity nor justice. This is also not Zero Tolerance to corruption. This case whatever outcome may be has already done enough damage to the image of the DPT. It is time they do image building again.
    DPT as a govt of equity and justice must set example before the public by doing it and not showing it!



    I also support the views of authors. The security personnel should not carry anything of VIP. Should anything happen to VIP at a time when the security personnel are carrying things of VIP, they cannot effectively discharge the duties of SECURITY FUNCTIONS to protect VIP. So there will be lapses on security personnel and hence the concerned head of security personnel should brief the security personnel. The VIP should also give cooperation to security personnel as they are there to give protection to lives of VIP.



    yes I also saw MPs of Mongar dzongkhag flocking the court,…I do support the concerned citizens.. Lets all wait for the Court”s verdict anyway..



    “I must conclude this is why, where cause, condition and effect Exist …
    everything is related to Buddhisms teaching and science…
    i love this world”


    Dalim Koti

    I am sure that MPs have Code of Conduct and Ethics – defining what they can do and what they can not do. The National Assembly Secretariat must ensure that these code of conduct and ethics and followed strictly. ACC as the oversight body must check and report on these matters.

    We look at the MPs as the highest embodiment of ethics and integrity who are entrusted with making the highest law of the land. They should not interfere with the executive or the judiciary. In the event, there are problems with the law, they must review it in the parliament


    Heavy Heart

    Who is being cheated if those MP present in Mongar claim TA/DSA and milage? They are there for moral support and solidarity indeed.



    Looks like you are one of those sentries posted to keep an eye on the movement of MPs. If that’s your job, I wonder why you have been silent for the last 4 years? Going through your post, I could glean your jealousy and deep hatred towards the MPs who appeared at the Mongar District Court. Probably, you are trying to extract revenge on some of those MPs, for stealing your wife! Otherwise, I see no reason why you should bring up this discussion, which makes no sense to commoners like me.



    Then you are going to vote other political parties …. with a bunch of ….. later you will need to bang your head once more and start again bitching…. DPT is not worse then the up coming parties….. Vote for the deserving but never regret & blame others but blame yourself.


    Intern analyst

    i support almost friends out here, it is really disgusting that poor police man carrying pata ,bag and kabney.. Common Police chief, do your duty and instruct your man ,it not their duty to carry all those things , their man duty is check and protect them …..



    These MPs have anything but common sense. They should have known how to show their solidarity and support to their Minster and speaker. Whom, How and where. Not in the court! They should have guided the speaker (who may not be in normal mood) and his security personal on how to conduct themselves in the eyes of public and more so to the media which are observing this case very closely. But like an unsuspecting child they made a show of drama with full of colours, some carrying bags although their job is security. This was shown on BBS. Such a display of power or influence in public, I think, people did not like it as is apparent from this forum.Times have changed and we must adapt and change if we are to survive. We must show respect to the public opinion if we believe in democracy. As leaders, our MPs must not only say but also show and set example in public. They must lead with example.


    dragon fly

    BBS Dawa sir, come up with this kind of discussion.. ????? lets hear something from those MPs who are accompanying 2 lynpos in mongar court…



    i am a true citizen! would like to share my view . when government ask Acc to look in front and walk fowawd but instead of looking ahead just turn back and digging out old cases. i feel mercy on our previous leader who served us and represent our king. If the committee member are also treat as currup and give punishment then working in the government is no more secure. More over that time there was no proper guide line proper procedure to go, still then our dzongdas tried there best to tackle with problems. Rules are changing and old rules become obsolete then treated or turn the old work into curruption. Bhutanese people has to think a lot.


    Lasola No.1

    My say:
    Dear country wo/men….vent your frustrations in upcoming parliamentary election.



    If lyempo and speaker are considered for past impish deeds, what about low class civil servants who were suspended, jailed and prosecuted by ACC. Their deeds were minimal when compared to speaker’s and lyempo’s. Who supported these civil servants? Didn’t they serve government or people?

    Every citizen has to be treated equally…….there should not be bias in implementing rules.


    Dalim Koti

    It is not a question of grudge against our Hon’ble MPs who were seen together many times with the alleged personalities in the Gyalpoizhing land case (see the BBS footage). We were confused as to why MPs had to follow people (who are alleged) till the court.

    It is more of a question of ethics. Our MPs are the embodiment of the law and must be guided by the highest ethical standards all the time during the tenure of their offices. They are maker of the law. Perhaps, they should not be seen indirectly influencing during the implementation of the law. The three branches of government must exercise their own independence and jusrisdiction.

    We should not set precedent that solidarity wins the case. Law is made based on majority votes in the parliament by the representatives of the people and therefore the law made by the majority must be made applicable to every individual. We do not really need majority support again during the implementation of any law unless law specifies that.

    It is just a discourse on the ethical issues and food for throught. Please do not take otherwise. I have no grudge on anyone

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