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Mass march of protest/demonstration, can or cannot?

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    For any citizen of ours and of those before us, been generously blessed with sovereignty prosperity and peace, are sincerely loyal and patriotic  to the three jewels, the king, the people and the country. With humble pride and courage, the history bears scripts of our cultural traditional religion and changes over decades continuously sowing seeds of happiness and peace, that the country and her people are protected and nurtured by their kings who are selfless wise and ever dedicated to serve unconditional services. People here might have been on a certainly uncertain chaos ways of life, had they opted for the different another options/decision other than to have the king. I feel blessed and proud to learn the history on it and ultimately to be referred to as Bhutanese from Bhutan, and of course to proclaim peace and happiness optimistically under the leadership of our kings.
    But the present sense within me arising due to insecurity and uncertainty and void of true strong reasons, and of the injustices and favors/nepotism, corruptions, illegal selfish acts are widely spread due to various reasons and ones’ respective circumstances, people like us and like those similar to a cows conscience should be advocated on the rights when wrongs are done onto them, legal aid when required, and generous public support to the helpless and poor ones.
    And with good conscience and noble deeds, can righteous people like me be permitted to march against or to march along as to demonstrate and voice out their request. If not, why and what is the reasons?



    Sorry brother simplecitizen, our present democracy is so weak it is incapable of allowing even the peoples’ elected representatives to go beyond advocating causes of the people they officially represent. Please read the constitution and come to awareness about the practical difficulties it poses to the common. Are you not aware of the uproars against DPT and PM when they sought to deliberate on land bill? Which quarter of hell uttered the threatening growls…? How do you think of escaping the harm if you try to represent people whose pain you feel when you do not officially represent them? Let our representatives on duty do that in the parliament building decently till all of them come to awareness about their shackles that forbid them doing or being good!

    The best that can be done for the country and its DUMB PEOPLE now is to write new CONSTITUTION FOR THE PEOPLE OF BHUTAN balancing the Rights and Responsibilities of every CITIZEN. The process must give due recognition to the fact that every soul born on the land has inalienable rights firstly to be acknowledged as true citizen. (The rest will follow naturally without stressing the leaders freely handling the affairs of the state for the good of the state, by the offensive acts of foolish protest marches). But now this will come in direct conflict against the present system of seven categories that subtly divides the people setting unavoidable scope for degrading into SLAVES who will be required ever to utter KUCHE, KUCHE, KUCHE to the greater SLAVES OF MARA, tracing causes of their pain with the parents that brought them here, and taking the pains as ancestral inheritance. Do you not hear this already, even the unborn ones uttering this before treading the part of the earth or being conceived to be born on the part of the planet called as LAST SANGRILA of GNH?

    Protest marches ought to be considered as DARING ACTS OF OFFENSES AGAINST AUTHORITIES even in democratic countries. They are nothing more than oppositions of the devil against the good order of God, Biblically speaking. It should not be done in Bhutan now or in future. All issues for such instances should be addressed at source itself so that there need not appear CRACK or DIVISION between the rulers and the subjects. This can be achieved by JUST AND FAIR constitution that shall be followed by every citizen for his/her own wellbeing. Pray for ENLIGHTENEMENT of our Kings, Leaders and Judges that they may find the path of enduring peace; not appear as enemies of the people manipulating situations to their advantage or creating problems and pains for the commoners and to the nation as a whole.

    Dear moderator,
    Please take this post in place of the earlier one.
    Thank you.



    I’m sorry too logical that I’m deemed to appreciate yours’ last paragraph only including my poor intellectual ability to comprehend that second paragraph though I tried.

    Any thing that is now will certainly proceed forward to its new state by one or numerous catalyst of alternation, the whole universe and anything known and experienced by individual living being were not similar as to which we know and have experiences of. Anything can happen, everybody makes mistake, life should be blessed with freedom and goodness and positively progress to better higher qualities but not by achieved/awarded rights of authorities nor with only one short-sighted attitude or a constitution and laws/acts compiled at shortest span of effort, time, research and planning. Yet I’m certainly on the wrong side to acclaim such nonsense thoughts of protest or any stupid sentences I scribbled earlier.
    Ours life is as good as being blessed freedom goodness and on developmental stages and inexperienced of life’s worst situation of dread and misery, and not at all similar to other nations. It is as good as people living in chaos and havoc prays and wishes for, that our nation and people are blessed with leaders having noble superior wise soul bearing qualities and characters resembling to those we worship.
    But nobody here guarantees or provides warranties to anybody on ones products relating to GNH, There aren’t enough organization and groups exemplifying goodness kindness respect love support help and aid towards those that requires sympathy and empathy, while recently concerned persons are working together to help fight Cancer patients.

    I really appreciate your concern and effort in showing the negative aspects of my thoughts/opinions that were infected due to judgments made after experiencing corruption by corrupt people, and coolly undermining the larger numbers of good and loyal citizens of our nation, so as for enlightening me the positive side and reminding my loyalty and respects to our leaders, is my core reason for replying your comments.Time and eagerness to come here would allow me to appear in here till then…

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