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    Is the proposed increase in minimum daily wage by 20% to 120 enough?



    It is a very good news to hear that the Government is going to revise the daily wages to our national work force but When will be the increase wages effect from?



    That’s really very good, and it was essential for the worker. Glad to heard that.
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    bhutan youth

    Glad to hear about it but if it was 50% instead of 20% ,it would have been better.anyhow atleast there is an increase.





    Heavy Heart

    In daily experience we have admitted that Bhutanese generation X and youth are reluctant to work on construction site after finishing their studies be it class ten, twelve or degree.
    Various accusations were heard such as ‘Bhutanese dont have the ability to handle construction of five storeyed building, they have low work-out put and fishishings are bad’ from employers side to ‘attitude problem’ from governments mouth and mouthpices.
    I tell my opinion here, every Bhutanese will rush to construction site of nice wages are paid.
    Government should look into this matter, i have personally worked under many agencies where i was paid three hundred three (i am certified mason by department of roads and validated further by Ministry of home and cultural affairs by providing another certificate) when i worked for departmentof cultural affairs in Apr to June 2008, i got just 165 when i worked for Department of roads every time other than above mentioned dates.
    What die ‘qual pay for equal work’ mean? How is a mason with same grades get paid differentially when working under different departments of same government?
    Last June-July i worked under a private company to construct a house in Hongtsho and i was paid four hundred and fifty with accomodation and food, this disparity in wages with same work should somehow be normalized, who is responsible?
    Another problem which clearly is govt’s shortcomming is that Indian laborus are hire and overwhelming rate, why bring indians who take home the money rather that emloying Bhutanese who save the money here?
    It is shameful to work amidst of Bengolis, if everyone working there was a Bhutanese no matter which level of study is achieved Bhutanese would not shy off.
    If clear economic theories were evoked and put to practice, it would be benificial to employ Bhutanese at 300 to 500 per day than to employ Indians @ 200 -350, we need our own middle class. Dont we?


    Mr. Loyal

    At last the question is answered. But only 20%. Why not 100%? Anyway something is better than nothing.
    Tank you.



    Nicely put by heavy heart. I am also of the same opinion.

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