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    Truthful person

    It is very urgent to remind all the schools in the Bhutan that schools are not allowed to collect money from the students. Despite a circular from the Ministry of Education, a school has started to collect money from students for the development of school. It may not be a huge amount for those who have but for people like us, it is a huge amount. A school official had started to collect Nu 300 per head but those parents who have children of more than four have to pay Nu 1,200 and it is too much for some.

    Of course the money is being collected to improve the school but as per the government policy to do the work, a letter has to be written to the education sector to obtain budget for school maintenance.

    Relevant agency must not ignore, if they ignore such acts, then it will become a big issue in the school.


    Garuda Vajra

    This is too much. Teachers/School authorities are there to teach the children, can’t understand what interest them to collect money from children. If their interest is in colecting money then, they are not teachers.

    Dear Truthful Person, pl. name the school if you want us or the concerned office to look into. I will be too glad to take this issue further.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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