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    NC Chairperson Dasho/Lyonpo Sonam Kinga questions prerogative of NC Institution or the Reviewing body of the nation.

    It was really unbelievable to see in the BBS show and in kuensel news that renouned and respected post holder like him revealing the true desperateness of the situation impossed by our new government’s inability to provide even a duty car to chairperson of the highest reviewing body of our country and this single case should be reflection of many many promises they offered to the people and I should say that such similar situations will follow one after another. (Wait and see okay fellow citizens)

    I think even MPs were not paid Nu. 700,000/= for buying their mobility cars which was paid by previous government and I wonder the same situation must be prevailing with the OL as he too was not provided with BG vehicle or may be this was subsituated by the one he was gifted after his term as Agriculture Minister.

    I would suggest Mr. PM that the government buy a VIP bus and used it for travel by the PM, cabinet ministers, OL, NC chairperson, and speaker as all of those people stay in one compound so called ministerial enclave. The bus can lift them from there and drop to their offices in the morning and collect in the evening to be dropped to their residence. During the day time they can use the spare vehicle availablein their ministries or deploy spare BG vehicle to NC. Or another suggestion would be that the government may pull all the prados or land crusers alloted to the ministers and form a protocal division in the PM’s office and allot them on requisition basis when they travel outside Thimphu.



    How many times government keeps on buying high clearance expensive posh cars like Prados, Hilux and Landcruisers if at the every end of the term every government cabinet ministers and those person entitled with such vehicle claim it as a “SOELRA” and take it away along with the individual as private belonging.

    This is a time to ponder upon such practice and prevent it from doing such things in future so that predecessors can utilize and at the same time government can same some budget for other development activities.



    Look at the present financial situation in Bhutan, and he still managed to reject two cars offered to him by the Government. It’s not the question of Government didn’t do anything about him, but it’s  his ego that the Government fails to fulfill.

    The author mentioning about paying the NU. 700,000/- to MPs. If i am not wrong that amount was a ZAYRA from his majesty the King. And that amount was not specifically meant for buying Cars. So, i don’t think government is obligated to paid NU. 700,000/- to each and every MPs on formation of every new government.

    My question is, do Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga own private car? We people will still think that the government has failed to provide him with fancy duty car, even if he drives his own car. What’s all about that drama, carry a big backpack along with orange KABNI and PATANG. It was  hilarious.

    He got my sympathy btw.



    It seems that some of our concerns are against the genuine views shared by our NC Chairman and missing the part of unprofessional arrangement done by our government. Our concerns should first recognize his position as country’s head of the legislature body, not as any head of the organization. Although, our government tried to arrange providing Crown car and gallopy Prado but the purpose was not well served up to the requirement as His Excellency  justifies to our media. The issue could have been solved if the arrangement has been done as in where it was.


    so so

    Haha, looks like the honeymoon between PDP and the National Council is over. On a more serious note, while I see no difference between the CDG and GDG, I have not seen the NC Chairperson saying anything against it, while who can forget the way he vehemently opposed the CDG.

    As for the present issue, it is just another publicity stunt, very similar to one picture where he was shown riding  shotgun in the back of a truck.





    For last fifteen years, I have taught thousands of students. I always say to my students to serve people, king and country with their best capacity and always follow the GNH principles. I was happy to see my students doing well in their life serving the people, king and country with their full potential and dedication. What NC chairman did was a good example for Bhutanese people but  i did not understand when he hint the government for another duty vehicle as he owned his own vehicle? That also provided by the government in his previous NC term. I have seen government pool vehicles and school buses but I have never travelled. I walked three km everyday to the school for last ten years and now I own a car and I used my car to go to school everyday. This is only I can do to serve the government and the people in a small way. We have believed in his words and chose him. Now the truth has revealed when his wants is not fulfilled and cannot sacrifice his own car to drive to office. Truth is only spoken through actions but not through sweet words. Think about those people who serves and sacrifices their own luxury items. It’s time to think and live with promises that was promised for the welfare of the country and people.



    Firstly people says he has big ego, secondly he has set a bad example to express his  displeasure  to the government for not providing his duty vehicle as desired by him. He has set a world record..1.e. a man of minister status traveling by taxi on official function and going to office by foot carrying his patang and documents on his back.  Lets see how long ? Is it just a drama to draw public sympathy .May be he is started preparing for 2018 election to join political party .



    Before judging on other’s manner just look at yourself and what will be your reaction if you face such incident if you were a NC Chairperson..though the government has issued a duty car but the condition is not good so why can’t the government grant some amount to repair the car or purchased new one ??? please don’t misinterpret those non sense to the general public by mentioning so and so…Dasho Dr.Sonam Kinga has no option if the duty car is not able to operate and he has to adapt with such thing..



    I truly agree with Drukgilopen. It is indeed a huge insult to one of our highest institution. I feel Dasho is still having the vehicle that was bought with that 7 lakhs with permit, unless sold. It is pity that NC Chairperson should be setting such example due to our poor economic status. It is fortunate that the NC chairperson is provided with free standard quarter. Else Dasho would have to use some public places for lodging as well.


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    It looks like a cart before the horse. A senior council member travelling in taxi prompting an atmosphere that a high ranking official forced to travel is questionable. A pseudo leader imitating and I am seeing this as pitiable mentality. Is this role model or roll model for the younger Bhutanese?. Now we understand your state of intelligence is just  “*” when we actually expected emotional and social intelligence as a leader of the country.
    Is the Royal government of Bhutan in a state of ruin like this when even a taxi driver and the official secretariat (peons) can afford a car?. Is your honour private car not drive-able car?.   When you honour who have been respected for the responsibilities assigned by the highest order displayed like a comedian for the want,” the cry of duty car”. Your honour has dressed yourself so beautifully in the emperor’s new cloth.  Please remember we studied the same chapter of (Andersen, 2004) emperor’s new cloth in 1985.

    Is this not another way of poisoning the innocent people’s mind?. Your “pseudo-Ghandi” does not influence the mind of the educators.

    your sincerely
    Ata Ghaling sakteng



    Bhutan has its ailing economy, thanks to the outgoing ministers which happened quite frequently and the Land Cruisers and the Prados they used happened to be possessed by themselves. On calculation, the budjet accuulated would be enough to build a bridge across Sankosh to join South – western Bhutan to the South – Eastern belt.

    I would like to request the new MPs, NCs and the cabinet Ministers to bear with the condition of the country and use whatever is available. I hope you all trust the peaceful nature of our country and there is no threat to any one of your life within the country. When you need to travel through the foreign lands, you will be taken care properly.

    Thank you once again for understanding the nature of our economy for the present. What will the donors think when they see the money begged from them being used for our leaders’ mercedes?




    As per the policy of the government, please provide ELECTRIC CARS toMPs and Ministers. If we are serious about it, let us see if the government can walk the talk.



    As of now govt. did not buy cars for ministers too… why nc chair is so desperate to have new luxery duty car. Why can’t he use his own car?

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