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    now free education in college life become business ,business between students and college,before colleges where under government and if we failed in 3 module, student can repeat semester without paying a module till now at sherubtse .but from this year without any information to student body. the college is charging us to pay 8300 per module and student have to manage their own accommodation,if they stay in degree hostels, they have to pay electrical bill,room charge and they will not get their straphens .we heard this law is implement by RUB.we don’t think so such law will improve the quality of education rather its burden .the college is becoming business, by increasing number of self-finance student yearly, making fail in hard course student to repeat semester,because if somebody question them, they will simply answer course itself is hard.look in this spring semester first year computer science failed 17 students no one is bothering about why this much student is failed, if their is no concern in such case, the number of failing student will grow year by year,the tutors where full power to do it,if they dont like the student.on behave of those friends and to prevent such cases in future, we stated such things,if the concern citizens get this information, they may understand our we are under autonomous body and government is bother less about it. so to whome we can approch it la.



    Your way of writing clearly proves that old system was not working. The old system must have clearly spoiled students because everything was free, and even if you fail you get lots of chances without having to pay a single chhetrum. Maybe by making students responsible, their education will improve.



    Study hard and get pass to avoid doing business. College is meant for acquiring knowledge and skills and not for ralaxing. If you dont want to pay, work hard right from the beginning. Enjoy less and work more. You all the time to enjoy after completing your college.


    Believing in the University of the 21st century for higher education:

    From the university of knowledge to university of wisdom. And where does the Bhutan Royal University stand in the hours of academic revolution for society?
    The education system in the south Asian region faces the challenges of different nature: India has the economic development pressure; Nepal with political structure and revolution; in Bhutan, it is no exaggeration to say that the higher education undergoing a fundamental shift in its character. There is major transition in the relationship of higher education to Bhutan and Bhutanese society with the exodus of thousand students to India losing balance of the economy. With Royal University of Bhutan just taking in limited number and Royal Thimphu College just few hundreds plants the possibilities and the ideas of the future University. The ideas of university, just the mediaeval university, should not remain sacrosanct to be attended by the elites and so called IQ people(Sidhu, 2010).
    The reference to the university is more than higher education in the contemporary world and Bhutan at its own. The Bhutanese University suffering from mindful and heartless practices of western practitioners at somewhat costly affairs and knowledge inquiry syndrome of just teaching learning should think of manifold relationship of Nation and society. Have the Royal University thought of the economic impact in June of 2013? The critical realism points (Barnett, 2012), the information gluttony university or the information hedonist university builds itself “a castle in the air quality university” as university does not make any contribution on the social institutions.
    With the modernization of university, and the Bhutanese university in existence with us; should there be some questions of the emerging future; global possibilities; the ideas of university and a societal university? Just as informal discussion, the universities in most wanted to retain its substance: redundant at best and self-importance at worst. As Rothblatt provocatively cited in (Barnett, 2012, p. 3) “University can now serve as a conceptual umbrella- albeit with “untidy boundaries” –for collection of niches,for disciplines, for individuals.” Today’s university must inevitably divorce from the conceptual baggage of earlier ideas of university where it’s locus as a center of power, prestige and inequality. The future university becomes a part expanding its social mobility and social equality. It needs to be think tank and policy driver with new conceptual vocabularies, reinvigorated courage to challenge the archaism and hyperactivity that framed the sector.
    The universities had the practices of retaining its dominance of the knowledge and its ultimate claim on the truth. Only the university’s truth claims were to be subjected to validity test for truth as such.As (Barnett, 2012, p. 4) stated: “Truth was never simply my truth, or my groups truth or even my society’s truth”. The global space created as result of the result of globalization of university and the truth and ideas are the universal promoting learning, inquiry and social development across the globe.
    With globalization, the enactment of ideas became important as the identification of the ideas. However the new ideas still draw upon the earlier ideas of the university-reason, truth and academic freedom. With the new idea come the possibilities. The analogy drawn by Kavanagh cited in (Barnett, 2012, p. 7) to think university as a fool. The fool presents ambiguity, powerful and wits to engage the engage the audience. The fool as an irritant, a provocateur had the modus operandi to provoke new wisdom in others. The fool and the University thus are not subservient to any authority.
    University’s long favored knowledge inquiry has made the society suffered from the knowledge inquiry syndrome divorcing from the wisdom inquiry. It is now studied that social inquiry is intellectually more fundamental than natural and technological sciences. The wisdom inquiry offers interplay of skeptical rationality and emotions; interplay of mind and heart so that there is a mindful hearts and heartfelt minds.
    Royal university of Bhutan is for the society and just in society. JYT government was envisioned in the line that university should be for the society and what is the TT’s government focus? JYT with its GNH model tried to help the society and live with respect and harmony and does TT government be the part of the University council to mediate the Royal University and its PDP. The opening of the educational door to community knowledge brings knowledge socialism. The impoverished of knowledge and wisdom by the university is a threat to the democracy. The universities elsewhere are responsible enabling discordant voices to live together enlightening the society.


    Barnett, R. (2012). The future University, Ideas and possibilities. Newyork: Routledge.
    Sidhu, K. S. (2010). Education, the hope for better world. New Delhi: Sterling.



    We believe that we came to college to get knowledge and to build of future as mention by somebody above. And also we believe that college is not mean for enjoy and relax.the college is mean for studying, but is this really happening here at college, if you are the ex student of college you will fill what we are saying is wrong, but if u are studying here means u knws it and u are trying to hypocrite on it. If you are not both then you will not realize our problem.and I don’t mean that old system is bat, I mean new system is not functioning .and know that some hardwork student who tried a lot and failed in one back paper and left college without any reward. They failed means, its not that they didn’t studied, they failed because they are hated. Who will fail same paper for 3 one is their who wants to spoil their life. Everyone of us needs happy life. And we all believe in GNH, is this really happening here.
    College dean of academic speaks that, they charge failed student to make them realize, the relaxation really helps to improve the student, and they said that, they are occupying site of others, if its really true then why they are giving chance to computer science student to repeat first semester, which they already passed, they only failed in second semester,is this student not occupying space. They are getting all stephens ands room without any charge. And aslo they are doing all five module in first semester and 5 module in second semester(without paying any module fee).but they are charging those student who failed in other semester for Nu.8300 per module with self accommodations , what does it means. And why they came up with such rules in college.
    The main reason behind this rule is that,if they do not give option to those student(computer science). Then they have to assign extra five module tutors for sixteen students for two and half year. because the syllabus is change and its difficult.if the college looks student well fair Instead of this option, why the college is not giving option to redo there paper to clear. Its less burden to college .and its save space for sixteen student.but college doesn’t want to do this.
    We the student body would like to seek our sinner citizins and law making body to take some initiatives to implement to set up good rules. which benefit both student and college. We are not against the college, but we needs some changes in our rule.



    Sherubtes is asking for shortcut to degree certificate. No good university will provide degree just for the sake of it. His choice of college for study is wrong. With his English, he is not fit to be in primary school. My cousin who is in class 6 can write better English than this.

    He should have taken some loan and bought a degree certificate from some colleges in Jiagon. Most of Sherubtse students are good. This is just one rotten apple trying to ruin the rest. Be careful others!

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