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    RENEW has selected an auspicious time at 11 AM on 14th February to join the global rising to say enough to crime against women and children. Please take a moment at 11 Am on 14th February to light a butter lamp and make a personal pledge. Even if you cannot offer a butter lamp, please rise for a moment no matter wherever you are at 11 AM to be the one among the 1 billion rising to make your own personal pledge; Personal pledges can be as simple as making a pledge to call 113 each time you come across wife battery, as simple as writing an article or compose a poem against violence against women and children.

    Be the one among the one billion rising and pledge to do something to end violence against women. Know that you are part of the one billion people who are rising together in solidarity to end violence against women and children.



    I don’t think it’s very nice to remove the last part of my post without informing me, is this the right way to moderate a forum? When I am sharing information about violence against women and children, fighting for their rights, here I am not given the right to share what I wish to share?

    I want to say that I do not work for RENEW but will be supporting this event, and urge any like minded person to join this event.

    Bhutan has a long way to go, one of the key things is the freedom of speech in mass media as long as it doesn’t endanger the safety of the country and her people.



    well said sir or madam” thank you for your kind information and it is very kind of you to support the nation and god bless you for your kind deeds one doesn’t have to come out with red robes in order to serve god too’ it is the action from the heart and the compassion that you show to those who are real in need, all the best and cheers”



    The topic looks very bold and revolutionary. While going through the contents, I find it out of place from equitable Bhutanese societies comprising little more than half million souls that know the roles of each gender and comply traditionally. We need not import rebellious ideas to spread confusion among us.

    Let us not seek to settle what people in the world do without proper knowledge lest we be tempered by them and share blames with the guilty!

    Request to moderator:
    Please take this edited form in place of earlier post.
    Thank you



    Her Majestic Queen Mother pledges her support with an official letter, this is very inspiring and motivational.

    On V Day, let’s join the World for this event 🙂 Current from the FB event page, there are 508 who pledged their support, the numbers are increasing daily.

    Thank you for reading, hope to see all the brothers and sisters there. RENEW has yet to announce the event place, posting of website or links might be sensitive here. Do contact RENEW for more information.

    Tashi Delek.

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