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    HRD, Ministry Of Education

    i think it is too late for HRd, Moe to come up with Online Teacher transfer Processing because the forms are already being submitted to Dzongkhags……the MOE has also come up with medical form… can individuals applying transfer on medical ground get filled up that form….individuals have to visit referral hospital once gain and request the doctor to fill up that form,,,,,MOe is making things more complicated than easier la………i believe moe can start applying Online transfer from next year…..MOE circular is too late as of now n pleae think of teachers working in remote areas with no internet facility….



    I too support the idea because there are some teachers in the far flung area where there isn’t internet services. It is good to have such system in-place but if it serves for only few stationed in the urban areas, then there is a bias in the planning and coordination. On the other side, the ministry did not give clear instruction with regard to the transfer application. Basically there are two types of transfer inter dzongkhag & intra Dzongkhag. There order doesn’t say anything about it and some teachers are encouraged to apply online even for the inter Dzongkhag transfer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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