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    PM briefed the finance ministry and finance ministry control or reduce giving advertisement to private paper. PM had briefed pay commission’s chair person, so no pay hike.



    Civil servant will reach in the stage of ” Buffalo” waiting for the yak to have salt. Lastly no salt.



    It must have been the right thing for him to do!!



    Now they will show their true faces. they shuld have known the situation of country  before the election and shuld have refrained  from fake promises.   whatsoever   may pay commission will take initiatives  to rise politicians ‘ pay  and content temporary executives.



    if our economy is not so good as media or some experts have pointed out, we should also think twice before asking for the raise. After all we are working for the country with ultimate goal of being happy. If only Civil servants are happy I think it is not fair for those living in the rural pockets who hardly have even basic amenities. Civil servants are atleast better off even though they cannot save much. If some of us feel we are not getting our fair share, then I think we should think of alternatives like doing pvt. business. No ill will to anyone but my feelings are being expressed here.



    I think it was a mistake to appoint the highest paid person in Bhutan as the Chairman of Pay Commission. He gets a hefty take home pay when you include all other benefits. He is wearing bigger shoes than us. So he doesnt feel the pinch.



    I agree with reverview, the appointment of pay commission is just an excuse. Now TT will say that govt wanted to raise salary but pay commission didnt agree to do so. this is the thricks p;ayed here just to wash their hands.



    once upon a time, a scorpion wanted to cross a river, asking a frog to take him to the other side.

    the frog was just afraid to be killed by the scorpion, but in the end he agreed…short before both of them

    reached the other side of the river, frog received the poisonous sting of his client, & both they died.

    scorpion only followed his nature & who wants to blame the helpful frog ?

    both of them wear no shoes/not waiting for salt….money is not growing on the tree, at least not in Bhutan. Happy New Year !!!!!


    Lha Gyelo

    Dont we feel the pain of loosing farsighted leader like His Exe JYT?………….



    Sorry friends we shouldn’t  be expecting pay hike until our economy situation improves. When there is no money in the government account then how can we ask for pay revision? I think we are paid to survive and  raise our family hand to mouth. Government is finding best way to bring back the country into right direction. We should support and work hard to avail expect more. Yes there are very hardworking civil servants working best for the country and on the other hand, some are government pig, doing nothing but always ask for return. How we can expect more pay if don’t do any work or some never return from after lunch break. I see some civil servants working hardly one page on a day and but paid for eight hrs wage including lunch break.

    When we pay taxes we evade and try to hide incomes. Thereby, government loses huge revenue otherwise this could be used for nation building. Let the situation improve and make our citizens pay taxes on time and truly. Big companies and the big shorts never pay the tax as per their income this makes country in lost revenue.  Revenue and Custom department must put tight system to trace the income of individuals and the business entities to pay the tax correctly. If we make 100 Nu as income we should pay 30 to the government as tax. But it happens other way. people show 30 as income and pay Nu. 5 as tax to the government. Then how can we expect our country to develop. These creates big gap between rich and poor. In the town some people owns 3-5 buildings where as in the country side some people live in miserable conditions. No proper shelter to live and hardly eat three meals.  So do we want pay hike or work harder to develop our own country as per vision of our beloved monarchs.  Therefore, this is not a good time to shout to the government to revise pay and other entitlements.



    Just say officer are waiting for pay raise, nobody think there are many which fall under P5, waiting and wishing for raise of their pay, who sees their problem…. Government? No… Bhutan government sees only officers serve country….But who serve with dedication are only one who is earning hand and mouth,..Government itself is giving way to corruption…



    Salary of CEOs and so called contract personnels in corporations are paid more than ministers and PM. It has to be reviewed.

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