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    Bhutanese and environment which I have pointed on several posts. I am regular beneficiary of open gyem at Motithang. I am quite worried to observe the way we Bhutanese are quite careless on disposal of waste. The gym area is always seen with all sort of waste littered around. Interesting to note is that place is frequented by politicians, educationists, environment gurus, policy makers who are taking the place as normal – least bothered – may be they need media to cover up so that they can show artificial concerns. It is similar at other public places. What I am trying to say is that if city corporation cannot provide a proper dustbins at these public places, how about asking corporations and private ventures to donate dust bins with their ads for a win-win. I am sure it will work. Dasho Thrompon, please try. If there is no restriction from city corporation I would love to donate few dustbins. It is not going to cost lots.

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