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    I would like to express some of my views on the following issues. Firstly, it was mentioned that the allotment of parent wings was based on the merit. I would like to question the concerned people what all encompasses merit in our context?. If the allotment was based on the per no. then allotment made was unfair and unjust. It was not fairly allotted. The people involved in the allotment need to rethink and question themselves, was the allotment actually based on the merit?. Secondly, the posting of officers shall not be made unless deemed necessary by the A branch has per se many flaws. The decision makers should rethink on this particular issue because this issue which we all consider very small problem will definitely breed unhealthy enironment. officers whose parent wings are located in good places like Paro, Phuntsholing, Wangdu and Haa will enjoy till their superannuation and those less unfortunate ones will have to suffer at one place for no fault of theirs for the fault of our present decision makers. The present sys of officers’ posting is fine if not perfect. Every one of us fairly gets an opportunity to serve both at good and bad places and it is liked by many officers if not all. I request the AHQ to rethink on the above issues before such system is implement. Readers, make your voices heard….YOUR SAY PLEASE.



    In RBA context the merit connotes many intangible elements and am sure all understand what. The real merit may or may not be considered for reasons. Look at who is heading A br. omg! does his brain work at that age that too in army? Hope things improve for good and children of lesser god also get the opportunity to serve at better loc.
    The author is talking of sys, do you believe there is one existing and is being implemented with logic and fairly?
    No hard feelings… just in case it improves



    No wonder, few months back, RBA has recruited one LLB graduate. There was no announcement in media and he was recruited without any interviews. There are hundreds of better LLB candidates, all looking for jobs, than him but just because he is a relation of  a retired army doctor.  RBA HQ is going to commission that person as an officer in RBA.

    I sincerely would like to request Army general to check the credibility of Kasho and see whether proper procedures are followed. After all we are also loyal citizens of Bhutan and we deserve to serve in RBA.



    Hi Meto, u have tabled some genuine issues. I fully agree with ur concerns.Therefore I also urge the policy makers to revisit and review the issues.Inject new systems into the org which are befitting, usefull and rational. I fell restricting officers only to one single place is totally illogical and unjustifiable.Equity and Justice will not be acheived if such ill policies are rigidly implemented. Suppose officer A’s parent wing is located at a good place, he will be very happy because that place has many better things to offer to him like better health care, good shools, better modern amenities and many more. On the other side, if officer B’s parent wing is remotely located, he will have to forgo many such amenities. Treat every officer equally. Make policies based on logic for the betterment of the org.Don’t just make decision in haste and make us suffer later. We all aspire one or other day to serve at good and better places. With such policies of atlloting parent wings and thereafter brazenly restricting posting to other places, our policy makers are widening the gaps between officers and grossly denying such covetous opportunity. We urge all concerned to look into these issues please.Forgive me for transcribing my views but I am doing it for the betterment of tomorrow. It is not intented to defame or malign any individual. I am just sharing my genuine concerns like Meto and there will be many more like us.So raise ur voice. This is the right time, I believe.



    I used to have my relatives who served in the RBA and they were moved around the wings after regular interval, which has both plus and minus points.

    Plus points: all officers and soldiers will have opportunity to experience lives in different locations of army wings; they may not develop any attachment to any place which is important because as soldiers they are expected to serve anywhere: Minus points are those associated with difficulties in having to move with all family members after sometimes and also such practice does not allow soldiers to accumulate any belongings or wealth.

    Now coming to current proposal, it will create resentment among those officers and soldiers if they are permanently stationed in difficult and remote wings, which will affect their moral and spirit. Therefore, i will request RBA generals who make such decision to maintain the current practice of rotating officers and soldiers at regular interval among army wings. Such practice is equitable and just.




    PPPTV, u ve correctly brought out the real unhealthy practices happening in RBA. Can RBA function above the law ? RBA always function in adhoc and never follows any national laws and procedures. In the past there were so many corrupt cases but even ACC couldn’t dare to approach them. I really feel that ACC should investigate this LLB case since it is totally misuse of authority by the retired doctor and procedure lapses by RBA .



    I am obliged as well as want to serve anywhere in the country because I’ve taken an oath.



    meto you have stared the topic at the right time ,otherwise there will be so many disgruntlement among the dashos ,since there are so many dashos who are smart who does nothing but pretend to do so many thing in
    front of the big dashos and try to stay only at a good place shamelessly.
    There are officers in corner of bhutan like daifam ,nglam and tendu still rotting there…so sad for those unlucky ones.and there parents wings are there only…do have some mercy on them the big bosses of RBA



    please make RBA a free corrupt organization.



    When it is a time for safeguarding our country like in the area of Sarpang, RBA’s are busy struggling for a good and peaceful placements. I would rather expect you to bring discussions on how to improve the security systems in the vulnerable border zones.



    RBA should be either in the north near the borders or in the south near south borders. Why here in Thimphu? They are getting fattened here. Keep small group of them here. That is enough. Send rest to the south or the north. People are being kidnapped in the south.



    is there a written rule saying that RBA cannot be here at Thimphu Mr opinion????under which articles does it fall saying that RBA should be in borders only?????well if all the RBA personals are either sent to the northern or the southern borders then who will do the remaining work such as disaster management and some other relief work which frequents our country.. for your information courses like disaster management are all given to civilians like you all and when an actual disaster strikes then the army is called in.and ultimately the credit is given to u all.



    There is no rule but I just dont see reason why to crowd Thimphu further when lot of Rural Urban migration is happening. Commodities are getting more and more and houses are getting scarce here.

    Sure enough, I must thank armies for the hands they give for disaster management. But armies help can be sought from borders also. Disaster doesnt necessarily happen in Thimpu only. Thats why I am saying small group in Thimphu is good enough. Armies are to guard the country. I dont see how country can be guarded by being in the capital. No offence to armies though. I am just thinking it will be more efficient if most armies are at the borders.



    don’t tell me that the capital city is crowded or the the commodities are getting more expensive because of the army.For your information Mr opinion the the total strength of the army out here is just about 0.1% from the actual strenght of the RBA and that too they are hardly seen in the capital as they are away at some of the remote places in the country which you may have never heard of also doing some relief work or some specific are either at the northern or the southern borders doing their duties round the clock..MR opinion you should go out of Thimphu and go around the above mentioned places and im sure that you will believe me. RBA personals are away from their loved one for months even years
    at certain borders(you may never heard of the place ) without even the essential commodities like electricity,drinking water supply,and so on..



    mr “opinion ” seem to be having a wrong opinion. may be he is ignorant in how army functions. i am a civilian but have come from a army background. my father was in army and now he retired and staying peacefull back in village. he is happy and often tells me how army has been to a child i have stayed in more than 9 differnt army locations.

    mr opinion feels that army should be be located in the capital city. opinion wants army to be in the his thought on security is nil. its in the capital wher all important things are found. situation when goes beyond the police control, army will be the last to come and that time the problem will not be left unsolved.

    mr opinion wants army to be in the border side only. but he doesnt realise that armies are there existing on ground since the setting up of army. my father served in all borders.

    mr opinion must not be knowing where all the borders are. forget about being on ground would not have heard the names.

    about kidnaping, it is not only the responsibility of army but each and every bhutanese to be security conscious. and even you can contribute by being on duty for one time.


    simple soul

    Hi readers, I am bit pained. We have totally diverted from the main subject i.e. allotment of parent wings and its fallout. Guys.endevour to hit on the bull,s eye rather than sharing your irrelevant concerns. Hope readers will stick only to the main subject.So that the concerned people would hear very loud and clear, and realise their own glaring mistakes.If sensible enough they can relook and reframe very healthy policies or let rot some of their less fortunate fellow officers in deserted and remote places. EQUITY AND JUSTICES we all are entitled to will be denied if what is called ‘Allotment of parent wing’ is stringently and shamlessly implemented. GOD, Heip those policy makers to help their fellow officers.Every one is capable and can serve every where.

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