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Resignation vs joining politics-Chief’s explaination

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    If we are to go my what Chief Election Commissioner explained about the eligebility of civil servants to join politics before formal resignation, It is as easy as that follows:
    1. Put up a leave in your office long enough to cover just the primary election.
    2. Join a prospective political party.
    3. Contest the primary round of election and observe the result of your party.
    4. The party qualifies for general election- Then join your office, put up a resignation and follow through the gerenal election.
    5. The party gets disqualified in the primary round- Then join the office after your leave and continue till next election……..continue the same in 2018 with thousands of other civil servants with similar line of intention.
    This leaves you atleast 50% safer than resigning straight for the primary round. Plus you will still get your salary for the primary round.

    I thought, ECB was run by smarter group of people.



    Where are the RCSC officials? How do they ensure that civil servants are apolitical? If a party breaches constitution, is the party not corrupt? ?Will ECB accept a party having all 47 civil servants as its candidates to contest for the primary round prior to their resignation?



    I think ECB should not pass the buck to RCSC but gracefully admit the grave mistake commited by them and scrutinize the candidates seriously and amend the scrutiny process

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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