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    Sometimes, to me I see a little childish act to see that the road that is plying within our own boundary is closed for security reason.
    While we are proudly holding the word that the cooperation with India is so strong, a road that is passing near the border with India, is not being able to handle to curb this small situation to defeat this small group of unwanted people distorting the peace of the country. If we say India is our good friend, lets join hand with them and patrol the area nicely. Army are trained and recruited to do that, i suppose.
    Closing the road, just means a back off scene, where we tend to say, I am afraid of those guys coming with sticks and khukhiri. Though a non-violence act is what we Bhutanese preserve to defend our self for peace and tranquility, this people who comes and disturbs our peace, should be dealt with a different way to let them understand the consequences if they do wrong things with Bhutanese Citizens.

    Moreover, if Police Emergency 113 Number was made known to even the local people whole over the country, this number would help in getting the information as soon as any mishap has occurred which the Police/Army can proactively act on the situation before these guys vanishes in thin air. Not keeping only this sort of kidnap situation, but in other cases also this 113 number can be used. Although, the people know to report to Gup (Elected Leader), this just postpone the news to reach to the required Office.

    PS. This is just my layman’s brain personal opinion.
    Comments are highly appreciated.



    Anand Ray

    Yeah it is a layman’s opinion



    bottleneck, I appreciate your opinion as layman. As I don’t have clear idea about the situation out there, I was trying to get it from your post. Unfortunately, I failed to get it. Your lines are concerning only some suggestions. What is missing is the root cause of the problem. I would appreciate if you could inform all rest of the citizens about the cause of such problem so that people can other areas can also think about this serious issue. Yes, it is really ridiculous when we have to avoid our own land because of such traitors.



    This act of banning the road user in mentioned time can be the short term remedy. It’s not a long term solution. What happens if we really,urgently and genuinely need to use the roads in restricted time. Can we wait till dawn? We need to find out long term solutions for this. We should try trace who all those people?

    If we keep on reacting like this whenever such incidence occur; it is not sustainable way. Can we follow that timing for life time? We will gradually forget and get back to the old rule after some time till another mishaps are reported.
    Let’s try to find some long term solution for this!

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