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    There are two things in Samtse which needs urgent attention of the concerned authority. this forum is the best thing i could think to reach everyone.

    1. as we drive up from checkpost to samtse town, next to a new chorten, there is a crossroad to go to town, dratshang and gas station, there is a concrete round-about, which is small and invisible. Till now people have counted that 16 vehicles have hit on that concrete round about, Nothing has been done but counting.
    We would like to request the authority to make the round about little bigger and paint it colourful so that . drivers are see it from a distance.

    2. A children park is being created in samste. its a very good thing that children will have a place of their own. but my concern is they are cutting down the standing trees..why do you need to cut down trees in a park. trees will provide shade so i would like to request authority to retain the standing trees and plant new preferred species. And we also heard that an open swimming pool will be constructed. we feel its not a good idea as it will be turned into mosquito breeding centre in no time.

    this is a humble request from the people of samtse to the authority for action please.



    Dear Author, with much respect, I’d like to state my opinion on your post. To your fist point, the concrete roundabout has constructed by the concerned agency or department, now it’s your or our (drivers) responsible to avoid hitting that. We just can’t blame for being small or for not painting colour on it. Instead, be cautious while you’re driving a car. Coming to your latter point, if they’re felling trees then it shouldn’t be done. But I think they’re just cutting (pruning) some branches and shoots which are likely to break and fall during windy, in order to reduce risk of causing harm to children. That’s what I feel. Rest, it depends upon the concerned authority as you’ve cited!



    dear abcd….

    the people who visit samtse are the victims not those residing request was just to make it visible..for every traveler..we as samtse residents are just counting the accidents..and its very sad..
    for next point, i very much know the difference between pruning and felling..we do cnotut from bottom of the tree trunk with chain saw for pruning..i very much support pruning which is necessary..but they are cutting down fruit bearing and other good trees completely…



    My dear comrade “abcdxyz123”.When 16 vehicles have hit that roundabout then i think there is something with the size of that thing.Every body’S version is that the thing is too small in height and it has been painted in white.All the incidents have occured during the day time.

    Despite repeated complaints to RSTA and the RSTA forwarding the complaint to municipal,the latter has failed to take any neccessary actions.

    Regarding the cutting down of trees,i think when some one is pruning we dont see the whole tree crashing to the ground.

    Imagine cutting down of healthy trees that could have given shades to children in the park during hot summer days in samtse.



    It is really sad and disheartening to see the municipal people cutting down such healthy trees that could have provided good shades to small childrens.

    It is not only the fruit bearing lichis trees that are being cut down,they have not even spared fruit bearing doma trees.I wonder who is responsible for all this action.

    We wonder why the forest official failed to act.Imagine the hot summer days in samtse,kids playing and there is not a single shade in the park.

    The people of samtse had thought that they had a wise and a educated Dzongda.

    There is a saying”Books only gives us knowledge,but it depends on the person whether he/she has wisdom to utilise that knowledge”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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