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    Due to non construction of housing colony by the government in some of the dzongkhags, (except field staff) all supporting govt. staffs especially those who are in grade 9 and below are badly affected and suffering due to unreasonably high house rent charged by their house owners. Most of them are paying 80 to 90% of their salary as house rent and some of them are forced to stay in temporary huts (bago). They too have aspiration to stay in well furnished/decorated house with pride along with their family but because of high house rent they are hapless. Wherever there are govt. quarters and housing colonies constructed by the govt. those are already occupied by the senior staffs and will remain occupied until they leave the place on transfer or retirement. Always the worst victims are new staffs who get into the town/dzongkhag from different locations on transfer or fresh appointment. How can they survive/sustain with their meager salary along with their family after paying gigantic house rent? Why the house owners do monopoly? Who is there to control the shooting house rent? Govt. must do something immediately to address the continual issue. In some of the Dzongkhag Hospitals, most of the residential apartments are occupied by OPD staffs like eyes, dental, pharmacy, physio technician etc. who do not require to attend evening and night duties. We feel that preference should be given to ward staffs that always do evening and night duties and attend emergency calls.



    Why tenancy act failed to implement because all Building or House owners were policies makers themselves. So loser is middle class and low class. We can foresee that’s why Rich will become rich and Poor becoming poorer in our country.



    Imagine, in 2008 when I got employed, the maximum house rents were at the most, 6000/month. But now, average or say, minimum is 7500 for two room, kitchen and a toilet….
    No body can control this as XXX has stated above, the owners are all those decision makers.
    Decision makers, instead of implementing tenant act, they request through media not to increase house rents.. in which case, their far sighted greedy wives would have already increased the house rents…

    In a place like Thimphu, poor would remain poor and the rich, the richest…

    After all, the moto of our present government is… “EQUITY AND JUSTICE”



    Please survey all the rented houses and observe how the rents are increased.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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