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    I have just returned from a trip to Eastern Bhutan and now could not stop from making these two comments:

    1. Project Dantak

    We remain very grateful to Government of India in general and to Proejct Dankat in particular for helping us in the road construction/ maintenance works. However, form the comparison of the roads constructed/ maintained by Dantak and our DoR/ CDCL, it can be said without the slightest doubt that Dantak is not doing their work with “TSHAJA”. Ofcourse its understandable as the officers deputed in Bhutan are here on a leisure (foreign) posting for a period of just about two to three years and after that they are gone and forget completely what they did. It doesn’t even matter to them how they performed while in Bhutan, I suppose.

    But its sincerely felt and wished that they do the work with professionalism and ethics. They take unbelievable time in the road widening works. Thimphu – Pling and SJongkhar – Tashigang widening works are not completed even after a decade of starting. Sjongkhar-Tashigang road is worst with very poor workmanship. Last year in June, an officer from Dantak came on BBS TV very proudly and committed that the Damchhu – Chhukha bypass will be open for traffic by July 2017. But at the ground, the reality is completely different as there is no sign of completing this work. I am sure the officer is already back in India. We as a Bhutanese would feel really ashamed to make such comments.

    The road length (both Thimphu-Pling & Sjongkhar-Tashigang) could have been shortened substantially if Dantak could have put in a very little bit of brain and resource to cut the bends as usually done by DoR and CDCL. They either dint have the brain or heart to do this. They religiously followed the old alignment and never attempted to straighten the road.

    The list goes on and on but I will stop here and honestly request Dantak to please have a rethink/ relook at what is written above and feel guilty and ashamed if you feel its true.

    2. To RSTA and Traffic Police

    I have observed that about 50% of the drivers in the east are on mobile phone and about 30% are high on alcohol while driving. It’s a great risk to the travelers. Please monitor the traffic in the east bit more strictly.

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