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    Since an ACC could prove their cause in the Gyalpoizhing land scam prosecution, this is also to bring to the notice of the ACC and new Government that in BNBL one of the employees was enrolled/employed without interview and he was the only person employed in that lot. He had applied for the vacancies in the same company,however he didn’t even get shortlisted, may be because his marks were not to the minimum requirements for being shortlisted. However, later it was learnt that he was enrolled in pretext of internship in Gelephu Branch for some months and later his service was regularized and sent to the Mongar Branch office. He was transferred to undeveloped and less populated Dzongkhag so that nobody can notice the fraudulent enrollment. While, there were lots of high scorers left behind from being selected, he who was not even shortlisted was enrolled. The fact behind is that, his father was * in BNBL only, so that due to his presence, he even enrolled his son * without following the procedure. This reality can be investigated from the top most employees and the Human Resource head then, whose role might have changed by now, as said. There may arise the denial to accept the corrupt practice done but it can be very much ascertained from inquiring each and every one in the organization maintaining confidentiality from influential persons in the company. It is also learnt that his father always resist the change in the system and often claims ”there is only one *” in BNBL implying to himself, while he does not realize that his sub-ordinates earlier have become his boss now in the same company.
    The people in BNBL also talk that father is a * and his son a * in the same office, *. This ‘’ FATHER AND SON FACTOR’’ could bring nepotism between liked and non-liked persons. We wonder that, in a public corporate organization, how this trend of placing both father and a son in the same branch is arranged. It is learnt that they have their own house in the town, so that neither son nor father have to pay the rent for the residential house. Why did BNBL arrange to place both father and son in the same branch office???
    We were also told that when father and son want to take leave, they don’t even avail leave or put leave application. They have freedom of staying back from usual duty without accord of leave. Nobody can raise voice against their unethical practice as the father is most senior employee. Why can’t management exercise their rules and right when some employees take things at their will? Why management is not taking any action against such practice of employees?
    Beside, in other organizations, if there is canteen for staffs, it is run by someone from outside after bidding lowest rates after contesting the tender. The retendering usually happens every after 2 years. In BNBL, * it is learnt that the canteen is eternally run by the family/sons of the *. So now ‘’A FAMILY FACTOR’’, it appears as if the company is owned by the family. If it happens to be run by other people, the * takes a rent of Nu.10, 000.00 per month. So the canteen runner have to face loss, or compromise food quality or cost, thus it becomes ‘’ low quality high cost’’. Is that canteen owned by him? Is the office building too is owned by him? If such is the ease of getting employment and doing business, everyone could do one.

    So, ACC can very much find the truth behind it. There after put the competent person in that guys place who could be possessing good knowledge while from a poor family background. Since ACC had proven its strength in service to the nation without fear and favor in case of Gyalpoizhing land scam, you can do in this case too as it pertain the case of the year (2006) when ACC was formed. Besides, this government was saying they are very much optimistic in dealing the corruption cases, you are requested to very much investigate or request/instruct the concerned agencies to investigate the same so as to root out the corruption. Our fourth and the fifth Kings are also very much concerned with the corruption happening more and more. The fifth King’s latest message to the newly elected Government was also to eliminate corruption of any form at the root itself. So, to keep the dream and vision of the Monarch also, please take the matter very seriously. Similar cases may arise in other organization too which is being kept silent fearing the ill treatment from the bosses. I and my friends would also like to join BNBL if we get chance as easily as narrated above. The HM had also said that, with the formation of new government, the persons who voted in favor of them now might go to their houses to get favor of further studies, training, licenses, etc in return for support during election. So, since father was a senior employee of the company, son was favored with employment in the same company as the father is said to be one of the topmost employees and an influential person in the management. Thus, here also the dream of HM seems to be defeated.
    So, now the ball is in your hand, a PDP Government can work hard to achieve the dreams and vision of HM and the poor people of the country. Seeing your works till date after taking the office, it is apparent that your government can keep no stone unturned at least in Corruption curtailing.

    Till then, looking forward for a kind consideration and necessary follow up from the concerned agencies and personnel.



    Beware Man, BNB is above law and is supreme then the Constitution of Bhutan. BNB can curtail the fundamental human rights enshrined in the constitution that’s freedom of speech in the form of CODE OF CONDUCT who nobody agree but has to sign under compulsion. This is nothing and there are many serious such incidents. The incident you mentioned is just the follow up of past such incidents and is tradition


    it sounds better if the name of the father and son is specified, so it becomes easy for ACC and BNBL executive could do their job easily.



    Such practices may be happening in many organizations. I have seen at one of the organizations timing the job interview with passing out of their kids and kins. Increase/manipulating slots on the spot to suit their candidates. Viva is another big hole for corruption. The RCSC Commission should also exercise top surveillance while compiling and handling question papers and appointing right penal members. We are hearing several rumors on this front. Therefore, we request commission to exercise extra care so that most deserved get the opportunity. Training opportunity particularly is another questionable areas – not being given to deserved and relevant and it is one such national exchequer gobbler.



    Good will prevail over evil and justice will be restored for the underprivileged. We the underprivileged ones’,one day like privileged ones’ will not have to follow all the cumbersome procedures and hidden rules and regulations in employment and promotions etc…etc…



    BNB has Grievance Cell all dictated by one person. The terms and conditions are not according to Ministry of Labour & Human Resources rules and regulations on grievance procedures. In this way no employees are availing this services in fear of repercussion. I am sure government ie MoLHR will intervene and make the Bhutanese often used terminology i.e backgoundless psycologically secure and happy in the land of GNH



    Getting your kids n kins in ur organization is nothing new ciiiiiiii. Its happening every where. Recently RICBL created a new post in the reinsurance section in Thimphu. The ED went for campus interview in Gedu where his sister inlaw was about to graduate. She was not in the top list, so interview was postponed at a later date in Thimphu. Surprising, she was selected for the post in Thimphu and the others were posted in other parts of the country.

    ACC wake up and do something to install confidence in the job seekers. Otherwise, things will go from bad to worse. Nothing is fare at present. ACC should provide a representative in all the job interviews.



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    Mr. Lengom, *. Peole like me feels dat the rules must be implemented in a reasonable way to rootout the corruption. Thank you author for your voice and it would be better if you can directly pointout the miscreant, so that concern agencies can take necessary action.



    conflict of interest, if true…



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    We all know BNB has high intensity of systemic corruption such as favoritism and nepotism. But what we all can do for the good of the country and people is itself a herculean task because the CEO is one of the longest serving CEO in the world and is also a man *. So many scandals has taken place but the CEO remain in the name of Good Performer. ACC and other agencies fear of BNB and whenever BNB corruption case come to these agencies is referred back to BNB as general administrative matter that needs to deal by the organisation itself such as case mentioned here.

    There is no way that we common people can fight solve the corruption for the better living of our subjugated people and hope not for better and justice will not come during your lifetime.

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