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students repeating the modules charged unreasonably

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    GETTING INCOUNTRY SCHOLARSHIP IS NOT ANYMORE ATTRACTIVE.starting spring semester 2013 the rub member colleges have decided to charge the students repeating.this came as a shock to most of the students as they now have to pay a huge sum for each individual module they we are talking in THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF NU. for one single subject.each repeating student have atleast 3 paper to pay for and it sums up to a huge number .as per wat used to be so called rub rule, a scholarship student gets funded for at the max 6 yrs.this new charging thing completely defies this rule.

    no one plans to fail.failing comes with lot of challenges and it is not always easy.if the system was meaning it to be punishment,its not worth it,the parents are directly facing all the hardships.most of the students with incountry scholarships have worked so hard to get into these colleges with the understanding that they would not be able to study otherwise, because their parents wont be able to fund their college fee.a failure isnt always a students fault,most work so hard but they still fail,failing is already hard for them.they dont deserve this monetary slap.some parents are having to sell of their lands so that they can obtain the fee.

    also it is not fair played to those who happen to fail last year ,because their batchmate who failed in earlier semester didnt have to is not in company of GNH to show such discrimination to the same batch of students.

    the charging is so unreasonable.if they are charging for accomodation and mess,it is ok but for any other reason, it is not.whether repeater or none the subject still needs to be taught,it is not that a lecturer or college need to do things differently for wen havin student to repeats doesnot need special arrangement,they dont need the extra money also.if they are charging for the papers for test and examination .7400 rs for one single subject is not REASONABLE.




    another tension, the college students will be tensed. specially those who are repeating they will have to be tension throughout one by failing the module and another by the payment they have to make. so we may lose peace in the learners as we have to have money, if by our hard work we fails. no money means no education can be conclusion i think.



    I think RUB should once again look into the matter and make some changes on the rule. its very expensive for people like us to pay for the back papers. sometimes we fail by 1 mark, even by .5 marks in our exams and we gets a back paper which we have to pay around 7000 per paper which is very very very very expensive i would say for us.
    most of the students studying under rub are from low level income family and such amount would very huge for us. so i hope rub will look into the matter and make some changes in the amount or either cancel that rule and let it be as it was before……

    i think money talks in rub policy???????????????????????



    RUB be being the autonomous body they make lot of unacceptable rule which pull leg of GNH progress. They try to put the younger generation in thick sup rather helping them.



    The new rule made by RUB is good but is very expensive. Is good because they will now have to do less of bunking the class, copying and pasting of assignments and do more of concentrating on their studies and at the least get a passing mark. Is very expensive because even after their hardwork if they fail to get at least passed, then it would be considered as expensive…otherwise, the college students are mature enough to know what hardwork means and money means as well.



    As per my understanding, if the student is failed in 3 modules in a semester and has to repeat the semester , his scholarship is also withdrawn by the Govt. Once the student clears the repeating papers he/she will be back to track and continue with govt. scholarship until 6 years quota.



    i completely agree… NU 7500 for a module is extravagant for a middle class majority society like BHutan.. for some one from remote villages might have to walk an extra mile, cut down cheese and butter in order to save money for repeating a semester,,, RULES should be executable and in favour and this hard and fast rule is sure to give diarrhooea… let the GNH be a therapy to our problemsand just not exist in theory… again the students should have the liberty to choose if they want to repeat continuous assessment mark for the back paper… to manage 5 practicals of the present module and completely repeating CA with practicals sums up to 6 practicals a week.. and the students are not super students .. let quality of education firstly improve in teaching of the faculty and then question opon the performance of the student… repeating CA should be a choice and i strongly want people to take in action… and prove worthy of the chairs… thankyou..

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