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    I would like to share some of the facts regarding Gaeddu College of Business Studies that there are some unfair treatment made by the college management. the college has somewhat acting irresponsible for the college bills for electricity charges. since the students have been asked to vacate their previous room allotment and go to their new allotment rooms respectively in accordance to their names, they are demanded to pay the electricity bills for that new room. This is not a fair solution to be taken care of because the bills are only supposed to be paid by those previous students who stayed there for a semester. They should be responsible to pay bills, not by the newly allotted students. The management says that those previously students had either back semester or has left the college. this is not a reasonable answer. The college management should seriously look after this matter and stop charging to those newly allocated students. In some hostel rooms, there is no such notices asking them to pay electricity bills and at the next semester they are directed to pay at sudden. The management should by any means call the previously allocated students and should force them to resolve this problem. The management should notify in advance to pay bills so that there would not arise such problems in future. They should alert them one month before to the students alerting to pay bills.
    The second thing to be noted would be that the staffs of the college has been reluctant to solve the problems faced by students. They hardly give a precise response. For example, if one has to meet health in charge then he would have to search the whole campus without a proper direction suggested by the other teachers. Even if he had to seek help from the other students then it would be useless because they themselves don’t know about it.
    The next problem is regarding the furniture as there are many damaged furniture in the college hostels. The doors cannot be locked and the cupboards are also broken. While addressing this problems to the college, they simply say that they would soon come to check and repair it. They fail to take immediate action and there is a high security risks of losing belongings. If they ignore this problems then there would be no reason to stay in hostel rooms.
    Therefore there should be improvement made by the management to enhance and focus more on the problems that students face during their stay in the college. This is not a negative criticism nor a complaint therefore the Ministry of Education needs to kindly look after such matters though all of these problems may not be solved, some problems like electricity bills and damaged furnitures related issues are anticipated to be solved.

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