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    Our sincere request to REC, MoE and other agencies to kindly avoid calling teachers for any programs during the academic sessions. Such practices has been there since many years and is high time that we need to focus on quality education.

    Yes, teachers hardly have any options other than such programs but at the same time we should also consider hundreds of children struggling everyday expecting their teachers are there in the school.


    Karma Schering

    truely said …… appreciated for concern………



    It is a concern. Who thinks about students in the schools? teachers…. principals…..DEOs/ADEOs, Officers from MoE and REC? Least can be expected from the REC.
    Curriculum implementation rules -especially the instructional time is being dictated by REC but its officers break the rule since they do not understand how children need to learn or for that matter what students need to learn.
    Principal may need to play greater role in this. Do not relieve the teachers for any activity that takes teachers out of schools. Make it a school culture. Be strong.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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