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    Visitors are always welcome to the country but not respecting our customs and ways are getting out of hand. And for some reason this ‘rebellion’ (if I may call it) is coming from the high end travelers. First I heard about the Invader who was brought in by Amankora and now this ….

    There is a paragraph that says;
    “……………..It was a minor setback to learn that the top officials were away. Surely someone other than the abbot had a key? Max saw that I wouldn’t take no for an answer. After giving it some thought, he explained that each of the three inner shrines in the monastery did have its own special caretaker. If we were lucky — and I gave a decent “donation” for the upkeep of the monastery — one might open the tantric chamber.

    We descended to the village’s backstreets, poking our heads into farmhouses and barns, dodging donkeys, chickens, and dogs before finding a pallid monk in a red robe. As Max made our case, the monk looked me over with a furrowed brow. “I told him you are not a tourist but a respected Buddhist scholar. Max confided as we slowly walked together back up the hill to the monastery. I felt a new sense of camaraderie. Max was suddenly my new best friend. He didn’t even seem to mind that my only spiritual credentials came from daily meditations on the Headspace app. “Maybe you are a Buddhist scholar then,” he laughed. “Almost a lama!””………”

    As much as I appreciate that this visitor/writer has written well about our country I am not comfortable with the way he put DONATION in quotes. Also, for the guide to lie and the guest to write about it…it encourages visitors to think that they can get away with anything.

    Articles like this should be proof read before they are published!!

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