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Truelku or just a womaniser in the name of religion???

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    A Deputy Ranger in Tashigang Dzongkhag known to be Trulku of of Drupthog Herukaa, one of the great saints in Buddhist history. He has even a unique way of living! He hardly changes his dress once in a year and some of his follower had even seen dropping holy water from his grubby pant and shirt, respected to be Drupchhu.

    Another wonderful character is that he has a big buffalo horn, where he store Ara and drinks a lot. But he never gets drunk.

    He may be a great man! But my concern is that he creates a lot of nuisance and family discordances among the couples.

    I heard that he even he has some kind of magical power to show; especially to the yang women where they become very devoted either religiously or sexually.

    Our concern is that we heard a numerous comparable cases in and around the nation that stack within the families. But they don`t raise this issue because they don`t know to where and to whom they should approach.

    Here we are deeply concern that many people are following that man as a lama and some even sponsor for him despite creating family disputes. But is he really a Drupthop or practicing Thiubrang? What type of religion does he preach to his followers?

    Who is the right authority to monitor such happenings in the country?



    do anybody know who recognised him as yangsi of drubtob heruka? as per the short lit. review he is Indian Mahasiddha Dombipa (Dombi Heruka), a “crazy wisdom” tantric master and noted student of great Virupa. taking consideration of my small lit. review and author’s post, there is some relation-“Craziness”

    but for me i never heard of such drubthob. ofcourse there are duplicates trulkus these days. it is said in buddhist text that there are more than triple the amount of dublicates than real trulkus.

    i also met one fake trulku, who claims to be the yangsi of Terton Rata, he also takes others wives and it bound to come more because it is easy way to make money and i heard that parents are literally forcing real rinpoches to recognise their son as trulku.

    For me be good to others, do not steal other’s wives, create harmony in community and you are trulku 😉



    This is very serious and dangerous. There are many fake people who work for money like this. These people can change the mindset of the followers completely. They can tempt and make machine. One can become psychologically slave to these types of men. Religion is dangerous, and to behave, and to disturb family and women are some of their motives. In the name of god, they exploit mentally and morally. Our people must be very careful about these things; not to have blind faith on everything. I have encountered many such fake lamas, and i even received wang/blessing from their feet, and the next day, many got caught. There are many such cases like the author mentioned, in Chukha also. Once self claimed lama entered inside the college campus in Gedu. He was received with the red carpet, whose idea? Whose beliefs towards him? and that lama stayed their for many days and months moving around the place, enough to ensnared many college girls. He disappeared when dasho dzongda ask for interrogation. These types of bogus lamas should be studied and immediately taken to life imprisonment, for they damage and deflower the society.



    dear author, thanks for bringing this issue in the forum. This kind of problem is booming in the nation, specially in the Eastern region. We are very puzzled whether the forest employee is really drupthob or not. some body must be there to conform to the nation. its quite shock to see that his followers are seen in pant and shirts without any proper dress.



    People in Bhutan are just blind following in religion, they are so much into their religion that they can’t disregard and have a sense of doubt specially in the remote places. They are drawn deep into the superstitions and believe whatever and whoever talk about Buddhism. Once I had gone to Phangkhar in Zhemgang and was excited to see a group of people, some praying and some dancing in front of new tripper who was put some flowers and khadar in front to worship it. I also find those who walk along the road bowing completely very interesting. To me humanity is best religion, just respect people, don’t cheat, dont harm, be polite and friendly that brings more peace at home, society and in the country than doing all these.


    pema thinley

    before poke to other just think of self,what kind of we are? let it be, he is in his own world? no one has rite to find all those kind of to other, coz we cant do like him and jealous of others deed.



    Trashigang is full of such people. Simplest thing is to be ignorant of all.



    I too am ardent Buddhist follower but am very careful when it comes to choosing a root teacher. After choosing a root lama we should have intense faith in him. Choosing wrong lama and than doubting him would take us to dorjinewa(hell)for kalpas.
    Yes I have heard about and many lama like him. We should know who recognize him and what religion he follows. We also have Dorji Ligpa calling himself as 7 th incarnation while in fact we have Dorji Lingpa incarnation is 11 th. We should believe and receive blessing only after knowing his history, root lamas, religion,……. It is said that receiving blessing from fake Rimpoches would diminish all the merit we have accumulated and drag us to hell for kalpas.



    hello pema thinley..problem put in forth by auther is he is creating disharmony between husaband and wife lo….i agree Mr. dubthob can lead his own real life of real dubthob. for me my wife is part of me and even if real duptob steals her from me i will shoot him…



    Pema Thinley. I think you need to understand about your self first. Is not that we don`t have right to fright for the right. The country has a low that every one of we must be through certain roots. We are not jealous about him or them. But they affects our social relationship and family’s tranquility. What type of powers does he have? Let us know, if he has really some kind of power. But I don`t trust and worship to any such Tuelku without research…



    Yes Pema Thinley. you are 100% right. But you will think only when it comes on your head!



    Trulku or not, if a person have a good wisdom and knowledge of Buddhist he can be work shipped and get blessing even if he is not trulku and even if a real trulku do not have the qualities of buddist he cannot be worshiped. Trulkus are reincarnated because they were good in their past life but cannot assure how good they will be at present life. There are so many great lamas in our country who are not trulkus but yes they will be born as trulkus in there next life.



    The recognition of trulku in bhutan is not an important for me as the trulku recognition committee in bhutan are all ordinary men……People need to take care while u choose ur root teacher,………..there are so many money making trulku………….i request to all the people is don’t bow ur head, before u have any idea of that person/trulku/lama……………….Now a days, dzongkhag Adm and lama has become very powerful then spiritual master….or .. buddha…..Eg. yougla gonpa Phurpai Drupchen has pre-pond by almost two months….see how powerful they are now……



    let us educate our people first and many thing such as this will disappear. Sometime problem lies with us, the people who are ignorant but deeply religious. We need people who knows science but religious too.



    If ringsel could be generated from a dogs tooth due to the faith of an old woman. Who is to say whether he is a tulku or not. But in this age where magic has all but disappeared stories such as this intrigue me. I would be very interested to see this deputy ranger for myself.

    If he is genuine, no one can argue that, Drukpa Kuenley would have caused the same concerns that are raised in this forum topic.



    It sounds like people are facing problem. I wound want to blame about the Trulkus, but if they behave in that ways, it is easy to bring them under control. All the recognized Lamas and Trulkus name list will be there in Dratshang Lhentshog. If not, the entire Gomchhens and drupthogs name list will be with Chhedye Lhentshog. Just check that his name list is registered either with these two responsible offices.
    That is a serious issue mie….



    Yes we have many self claimed tulkus and we should not blame any one. Our own blind faith gave birth to it. We have one Drukpa Kinley in Pemagastel and one in Tashiyangtshe. Like wise many more. It should be a concern as POPE mentioned believing in fake Rimpoches would cost us life after this.

    We all need to be careful so that Nagas(Lu), thebrang and jaygong are subdued and Buddha teaching flourish world wide.



    Dear Readers! Be careful. He is a hoax. He acclaims his own greatness. He has wittingly spread his own greatness so that people believe him. And surprisingly lot of people do believe him. Some have bought him cars while others are said to be constructing his house at Tashigang. That is their Karma.I personally know some of the stories that he told me and later i rectified them to be false. Grossly incorrect. i cant post them here.

    He is obsessed with Thebrang. And Thebrangs, or for that matter any Lha-dre, can read minds, read short term past and predict short term future.

    His followers may be angry. But truth prevails. If this is not true just prove the following:

    1) If any trulku is a genuine trulku, the Trulku has to be properly recognised, and enthroned. Ask him who recognised him? None. He has spread rumours that Je Khenpo had recognised him and that Namkhai Nyingpo had consecrated his mustache. These claims were rectified as false.

    2) In Buddhism any Tulku will have to undergo vigorous training; studies and meditation in order to become a real practitioner. For this dependence on a teacher/guru us must. It is said “Faa lama medpai gongroel na; bhu sangye gya wai ming yang med”: which is “there is no buddhahood without guru”. Ask him what is his position on this? He has no Guru. Whenever High Lamas and gurus are close by he will not even come for receiving blessings. Because he thinks he is supreme.

    3) He has even gone to the level of identifying Neys, as in Mongar, giving blessings by legs as in Martshala. Even great beings of our time, Kyabje Dodub Rinpochhe, Kyabje Dudjom Rinpochhe, Kyabje Je Khenpo, etc didnt/dont confer blessings by leg. They even didnot open up new Neys.

    I will limit my writings to these much. If these are false go and personally ask him. If he has the wit to accept the truth he should.

    By the way I dont have any hard feelings to this Dombi heruka or his followers. Just trying to share what I have known is true thus far.

    May Truth Prevail……



    If we look intently into what the author has put up in his concern, it is not about whether that man is true trulku or not but, the concern is about the conduct of the so-proclaimed-trulku. Trulku or not, someone should not have the right to distort the harmony of somebody’s family. It is an unethical ethic condoned by our society in the name of devotion. It is dichotomous crime – firstly to desecrate our religion and the next is to break up marriages.
    draz… u seem to be theist but crime should not be fitted in religion in today’s time. It was in fourteenth century that drowai goenpo choje rinpoche blessed with his grace and this is 21st century where the world is protected by many rights. Even if it were with choje rinpoche he would have found other mode to deliver his religion… so that man must be held for fraud for sure…



    Dear all……Till last year he was an regular visitor to Pemagatshel coz he has many followers there.But now,those followers seems very quite may be because knowing the fact he is an fake Heruka………even Drukpa Kuenley’s followers in Pemagatshel also quite too.

    Many occassions i had seen both Heruka and Drukpa Kuenley were together enyoying among followers wearing colourful dress.In fact I heard they recognised each other. Can’t beleive how they can recognised each other.



    These days people are miss using the name of learned rinpoches name and doing something bad. Those people should be hanged including rinpoches looking for breaking virgins! Indirectly they are abusing our innocent girls. If they are real tulkus they won’t be committing such immense crime.



    If this fellow is really a Drubtobor or Trulku, why does he need a job as a Deputy Ranger? And why would the Forestry Department be employing his in this position?

    I must say, if he only changes his dress once in a year , these women really must have a great deal of faith. Otherwise who in their right mind would want to get into bed with such a dirty, smelly man?



    Napoleon Bonaparte wrote to his girlfriend in a loveletter :
    “dear Josephine, do not change your clothes, do not take a bath,
    before i come back after 12 months.”
    Maybe Trulku smells like virgin pine forest in the afternoon sun. God knows what women smell.



    Dear all readers,
    In order to know more about Herukaa,please search for “Thiklay Karpo” from facebook….There you will find more interesting pictures ,,,,,,,so on…..!!!

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