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Unfair Bhutanese protocol team in Medica S Hospital-Calcutta

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    Micky Mouse

    I am sitting to write this because I ve faced these questions many times, for which I am desparately searching the answers….
    1- Do Bhutanese protocol team really function to help Bhutanese patients referred to Medica Superspeciality Hospital?
    2- Does the team fairly help every (Bhutanese) patients based on first come first? Or they give more interest to rich and highly posted patient’s party?
    3- How long the poor patients will suffer the inhuman attitude of such “Bhutanese Protocol Team”?
    Every year a good number of Bhutanese are referred to this hospital for various treatments under govt. sponsorship. As many among such Bhutanese are new to hospital and their system, our govt. has employed a group of people to help/guide innocent patient during the reign of treatnents. But after a two months stay, I ve observed that apart from a person called Mr. Mintoo Mandal are just uselessly paid by our govt. He hardly comes to hospital and just attend the call provided if he is in off working hours. Even if comes- He gives more interest to likely rich, seeming big-shot peoples only. At times I even saw him carrying patient’s file in his hand and guiding door to door though very patient arrived a day before. On other hand, less advantaged and innocent patient and his/er party who cant speak Hindi or English gets their work posponded though very patient has passed a month. He just appears once and get disappeared. He always try to pass his work to his junior co-workers.
    Whereas I myself and many other Bhutanese patient’s party says that Somebody called Mr. Mintoo Mandal is quite helpful, punctual, prompt, and approachable. As he is junior tmore than 90% of work is done by him. Always we see him running and helping as many Bhutanese people he can. I see him becoming weak. Our govt should atleast recognize him for this.
    < Here I demand no sympathetic words but I feel something should be done to those two workers?

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