Unnecessary horns by city buses irk Kabisa residents in Thimphu

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    The city buses travelling along the Thimphu-Kabisa road in Thimphu has been irking the residents of Kabisa due to their frequent unnecessary horns to attract customers with the intention to attract more passengers looking for their personal financial gain. It creates lot of disturbances to the residents who become restless, unable to concentrate their children’s studies and more so, it irks the sick people by the unnecessary piercing horns blown by the city bus drivers. The commuters are fully aware of the bus timing and it isn’t seen authentic for drivers to continue blowing horns. The residents have been bearing inconvenience so far and it seems there is no sign of understanding on improvement of the drivers’ habit. It would be highly appreciated if the concerned Thimphu City Corporation Authority takes some useful measures to curb these unbearable nonsense. Otherwise, there is no option rather approach and bring notice to the concerned higher authority. Could the concerned authority wake up and impose some measures for the benefit of the Kabisa residents? Seems like, the Gup and the concerned authority act blind and deaf to this matter as they have experienced but do not feel like taking appropriate actions on the defaulters. The residents eagerly await prompt action.

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