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    Trade officials barge into the hotels in paro n they r vry powerful. they don’t even have to explain. they just start taking out the gas cylinders witout the hotel owners permission. Wake up trade director ……… is this how people act.Don’t they need to tell what they r going to do???????????? They say we are trade officials and u r bussinessman,”lets seee”. Thats Threatnening mena??????????? Did the director direct them to do so.This is a democratic country. Evry people have their rite. Do something ya.


    Mr. Loyal

    It is very sad to hear such thing happening in our country. Such dishonest people need to be punished in dishonouring the country’s amendments. People really need to be educated on “What is democracy?”

    Countrymen, if similar things happen henceforth, do not agree. The officials need to produce written documents and there should be some strategies to deal with their clients. This shows MISUSE of power.

    When our people specially the people with authority will have COMMONSENSE????



    If it is true what the author has written, then it’s very lamentable to know. Who the hell that trade officials think of themselves? Aren’t they a civil servant? If so, they should have knowledge on the civil service code of conduct and should be governed by it.

    Henceforth, if it happens the same thing, please never hesitate to ask them to show a written documents, else don’t let them enter your hotel.



    not only that blind assumption on tax to small shop and not wondering of rental MRP OF HOUSING is a big shock to me in my life, seeing the all dead laws implementing at young democracy amended date back from 2004, if they are professional trade officer they must do something with rental issue, what MRP fixed by judging quality of house too.



    This is terrible behavour and has no room for such people in a GNH country. Such character should be uprooted for ever from our system. I join to comdemn.



    Hello la! GNH and Democratic country doesn’t mean that people can do whatever they like la. We as a citizen of this country should have some respect to our country’s rules and regulation la.



    LPG cylinders are imported from India. 14.5 kg of LPG cylider cost Nu. 450-500 in Bhutan where as 19 kg of LPG cylinder costs Nu. 1500-2000. If I am wrong please correct me. Is it good to drain out our rupee reserve like this. Is it a good policy? When it is not our property and not manufactured by us, why should we ask the commercial people to use this 19 kg cylinder with 3 times the cost for just 5 kg addition. Are we not losing in this game?



    People make mistakes and using for commercial purpose is certainly a mistake. The issue here is humanly dealing with the defaulters.



    In such cases ( uncivilized behavior) should be dealt with Newtons third law of motion. Either not letting them in or if they force in lock them inside. They may have the right to inspection but it should be done in a proper way( should not infringe individuals fundamental right( infact they should be charged for trespassing and privacy invasion).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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