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    I have traveled a few times from west to east Shunglam. Road widening works are in full swing. When its a dry day, its a nightmare to travel due to so much dust. We see some water tankers just parked on the road side but contractors never make an effort to spray water on the road. Even DOR Field Office Site Engineers never enforce the contractual terms properly. I was told by a contractor that in the contract agreement, Contractors are required to procure tankers and spray water for the health and safety of road users. But they don’t do it. May I request our DOR Site engineers to at-least enforce the agreement. It is not only the road users having to go through these dusty roads but what about thousands of road workers. What about their health? MOLHR, please wake up and do some monitoring of occupational health and safety along the east west high way. The largest workforce at the moment is along the road widening Shung lam. Just check the contract terms and ask MOWHS to enforce. I just failed to understand why DOR is not able to implement the terms and condition.

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