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why I will vote for PDP

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    PDP passed their test as a political party by being the opposition for the last five years. By being the smallest mind you certainly not weak…they have learnt a lot from the inadequacies of the ruling DPT..They have indeed played a very effective shadow govt…So this time round they have a clear cut vision of taking the nation forward on much better terms if elected…That’s why I will vote for PDP this time….



    We all know PDP opposed to their best and all they learnt in the past five years was to always oppose the government. Even in the presidential debate, he opposed instead of making his party’s views. I think he is fit for opposition role for the next term too.



    PDP was selective in opposing. They opposed only the issues that they thought were anti-people and anti-poor. You know that. In other areas of development they supported the government.



    As the author has rightly said, PDP has effectively shadowed the government but nothing has contributed to the success of governance. What we should know is the difference between the Job of opposition and ruling government. Any one can do the opposition but not every one can do the job of governance. After all, it’s easier said than done. These two cannot be compared. So to judge, one must know the inside out of a Party as a whole. Otherwise, it’s a great risk to go by face value. Hope, people Bhutan are not miss-conceived.


    Black Magic

    PDP – Pata Demme Party. I hope no elaboration is required.



    I agree with the author….TT can compete with JYT becasue he has faced that as an opposition which is quite difficult. TT did great job although he was alone in a new democracy, for PDP it is a service continue but as a ruling party.



    I will vote for PDP because they are going to set:

    1. a motor workshop in each geog.
    2. bank for each geog
    3. blacktop all farm roads
    4. 2 million for all geigs each year.
    5. decentralize power to people.



    Black magic,you have come out with the name that suites PDP well, Pata _ Demme Party.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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